Voter discontent: Consider socialism | The Seattle Times

Re: “As trust falls in U.S., many voters want to upend system” [July 14, A2]:

It’s about time! The author points to large numbers of Republicans who believe Donald Trump should still be president, while Democrats who control the White House and have a majority in the legislature are considered useless because they can’t get anything passed. Both capitalist parties are proving unable to fix a badly dysfunctional and decaying structure for organizing society. It’s way past time for us to toss out the for-profit system and replace it with one capable of taking care of each other — that’s socialism.

As Freedom Socialist Party founder Clara Fraser put it, “Socialism is not production for profit. It is production for use. It is not production for private ownership and private ownership of resources. It is public ownership, common ownership of the wealth. It is not inequality, misery, persecution and discrimination; it is equality and fairness. It is not poverty and want, it is freedom from want. It is freedom from war. It is freedom from ugliness and squalor.”

And as rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats are beginning to see, that’s the opposite of what exists today.

Inevitably, the working class will soon understand it has the power to build a new system that benefits us all.

Chris Smith, Seattle