Three Common Types of Wrongful Death Cases

It’s crucial to get proper compensation and justice for your family if a loved one gets involved in a fatal situation that was caused by negligence of a third party. The proper way of going about this is by filing a wrongful death claim through experienced professional lawyers.

However, most people often question themselves regarding whether the certain death of an individual counts as a wrongful death and whether they should pursue litigation. This article will outline some of the three of the most common types of wrongful death cases that take place. This will make it easier for you to decide whether your particular case falls under any of the categories and if you should pursue it.

1. Pedestrian Accident

A common type of wrongful death accident is a pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle or truck. Since pedestrians usually lack the protection offered by a vehicle in a collision, the accidents are usually life-threatening if not fatal.

Since such accidents are caused by over-speeding and distracted driving, and in most cases, the fault lies with the driver of the vehicle, or faulty traffic management. Therefore, if anyone dies in a pedestrian accident, it is a good idea to see whether any legal action for a wrongful death case is applicable.

2. Workplace Accidents

Another site where a wrongful death is likely to take place is in the workplace. This is especially true if the person works a blue-collar job such as a construction worker or as a factory worker. Since most employees regularly interact with dangerous processes and a high-risk work environment, they’re more likely to get injured by a minor negligence on someone’s part.

If you think someone you knew who died in a workplace accident might actually be subject to a wrongful death claim, you should consult good lawyers. Some companies may be more forthcoming themselves and offer to provide compensation for the accident by themselves. However, it’s still a good idea to get a lawyer to ensure the company doesn’t low-ball you.

3. Car Accidents

Along the same lines as the first point, it is possible that even a vehicle-on-vehicle collision results in a fatality. There’s a high likelihood that the blame did not lie with the driver that died, but instead on the other party, or some negligence on the traffic and road authorities’ part.

In almost all vehicle accidents, it’s a good idea to see if the situation requires you to pursue a wrongful death case to get your apt compensation. Most car accidents are caused by drunk driving, distracted driving, or issues with the road. If any of these are true for the other party, it’s most likely a wrongful death case and needs to be taken up by the family.

These were three of the most common types of wrongful death cases, and if you think that your particular case falls under any of these headings, then you need to pursue a wrongful death claim.