In The Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots


Anarcho-Primitivism is a predominantly Western philosophy that advocates a return to a pre-industrial and usually pre-agricultural society. It develops a critique of industrial civilization.

The Platform came from the experiences of Russian anarchists within the 1917 October Revolution, which lead eventually to the victory of Bolshevik get together dictatorship somewhat than workers’ and peasants’ self-administration. It argued for the “vital need of an organization which, having attracted many of the individuals in the anarchist motion, would establish a typical tactical and political line for anarchism and thereby serve as a information for the whole movement.”

Key theorists within the former class embody Derrick Jensen and John Zerzan whereas the ‘Unabomber’ Theodore Kaczynski belongs within the latter. Today there is a lot battle between primitivists and followers of extra traditional forms of class struggle anarchism, such as the social ecology of Murray Bookchin. Platformism is a bent throughout the wider anarchist … Read More