Liberalism Has Failed


As expertise of the social effects of motion ripens, and because the social conscience is awakened, the conception of damage is widened and insight into its causes is deepened. But, inasmuch as injury inflicted is itself crippling to the sufferer, as it lowers his well being, confines his life, cramps his powers, so the prevention of such injury sets him free. The restraint of the aggressor is the liberty of the sufferer, and solely by restraint on the actions by which men injure each other do they as a complete community acquire freedom in all courses of conduct that can be pursued without final social disharmony.

Socially it is a contradiction, unless the wishes of all males had been routinely attuned to social ends. Social freedom, then, for any epoch wanting the millennium rests on restraint. It is a freedom that may be loved by all of the members of … Read More