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public administration

For greater justice, redistribution of wealth is essential and the burden of that task inevitably falls upon the administration. The Reaganism in USA or Thatcherism in Britain put heavy stress on public administration. There was a transparent battle between public function and private objective or non-public curiosity. Private persons shall be allowed and inspired to do those jobs which had been previously accomplished by the state.

The Second Minnow-brook Conference targeted its attention to this very aspect. There was additionally thematic dialogue in the Second Minnow-brook Conference and this changed, to a large extent, the contents and strategy of public administration. It is again a landmark event in the subject of recent public administration. Landmark within the sense that the time period new public administration was first used by the fanatics and energetic scholars of political science and administrationists in 1971 and once more in 1988 the concept was elaborately … Read More