What Is The Difference Between Communism And Socialism?


Halpern, Manfred 1963 The Politics of Social Change in the Middle East and North Africa. This is the everlasting Utopian–and even religious–element of socialism, aquest, as historic as man’s fall from grace, to unify himself with anultimate and to discover a world of freedom. The complete abandonment of the concept of revolutionary strategies and violence as a means to energy; the entire acceptance of parliamentary means; and the complete readiness to take part in nonsocialist coalition governments. The an-guished theoretical debates which had earlier split the French, Belgian, Austrian, and different events on the question of entering “bourgeois govern-ments” had vanished. It was only after the Bolshevik victory in 1917, and the creation of the Third (Communist) International, that Lenin’searlier text was canonized so as to declare for the Bolsheviks a uniquerevolutionary information and thus to enforce the hegemony of the Russianparty over all different Communist events.

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