Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY on the Art of Small-Town Politics

Being a Politician in a Small Town  

Being a former town councilman in Syracuse NY was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of his life. The position affords an opportunity to put different issues into context, to be able to serve the greater needs of everyone in a district.  

Former Councilman Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY says that it is an honor of a lifetime to have had the community standing behind him. He opens up on what it means to navigate through complex issues and how he’s managed to build a solid reputation for himself.  

Taking the Time  

Local Government offers an immediate opportunity for individuals interested in public service and serving their community; as it allows for relationship building unlike that of state and federal aspirations. For Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY, it’s all about taking time to talk to people so he could tap into the pulse of his community. While it can be difficult at times to meet everyone’s needs, it allowed him a greater sense of how to prioritize different policy perspectives.  

The crux is not to make any assumptions just because an issue is in a local paper or politicians think that an issue is important; it doesn’t mean that that issue really resonates with the community or that there is any passion there.  As the second youngest elected School Board Member elected at 18  in Baldwinsville NY, and as the youngest elected Town Councilor In Lysander NY, elected at 21 and re-elected at 24 who successfully won two races capitalized on what many candidates refuse to do; which is engaged in a strong and aggressive door to door campaign. Knocking on doors and making time to meet residents and ask them what is important to them.   

Finding a Path  

Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY  knows that taking a principled stand on issues means a lot to his constituents. Diamond understands that finding common ground is really the only way to move forward; As he used to say, “I will compromise for my principles, but I will not compromise my principles.” 

Roman Diamond of Syracuse on Enjoying the Role  

The art of small-town politics doesn’t come down to greasing palms or making empty promises for Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY. He enjoyed and thrived on building the rapport he had with the people he represented.  

Diamond is a Former town councilman with a full-time job in the insurance industry, so his days are filled with solving problems in a way that will benefit the people he served. It’s fulfilling to implement those solutions after taking the time to delve into what’s really going on. Regular meetings, disagreements, and long conversations were all part of advocating for his former constituents.  Former Town Councilor Roman Diamond, who lives in Baldwinsville NY, and represented the town of Lysander located approximately 15 minutes from Syracuse NY ended our conversation with a quote from Former President George W Bush, “Politics is only as good as good as the people willing to enter it.”