Comparative Politics And The Comparative Method*

comparative politics

The paradigm adopted by behaviourists, according to him is S- R (Stimulus-Response). But the behavioural lists have improved it by making it as S-O-R (Stimulus-Organism-Response). David Easton regards behavioural revolution is an mental tendency on the part of the political scientists to check empirically the political behaviour of persons. Even in international politics, the influence of psychology is seen.

– This strategy helps in predicting future political occasions. It refers to the response of an organism as aroused by some stimulus. It doesn’t contemplate function of the feelings, ideas, prejudices that decide the response of that particular person. Behaviouralism does take into account the position of the feelings, ideas and prejudices. David Easton differentiates between behaviourism and behaviouralism by way of an example.

Before the country was colonized by the British, the inhabitants relied on agricultural production. Helen and Milner , states that underneath the colonial rule Nigeria remained an agricultural nation, exporting agricultural raw materials and importing finished goods from the colonial grasp. In one respect, it is not altogether right to call the Norwegian case research a concept-confirming study. Because the congruence principle has a rather narrow empirical basis, consisting mainly of only two instances (Britain and Germany), it is a speculation rather than a longtime theory. The case study of Norway is, of course, not a speculation-producing research both.

Traditional Approaches:

The big or super-powers are concerned in energy politics to determine their power and enhance their picture in international society. The proletarians want to end the exploitation let unfastened by the capitalists.

  • Among political scientists, David Easton has been the primary to apply this theory to political analysis.
  • Marx’s principle of base and superstructure is a matter of relationship between economics and politics.
  • Possibly, Marx is the only philosopher who has vehemently argued the connection between the 2 important topics of social science.
  • The curiosity group approach to the research of politics is in style in some liberal democratic countries and this conception is said with economic method.
  • In the last decade of sixties, the techniques theory grew to become an important tool to judge and examine key elements in Political Science.

Therefore the country can be better placed if it was left alone. Colonialism and the process of colonization introduced antagonistic results to economic development.

Individuals in any society comply with conflicting needs and this is the path-finder of politics. There are motives, likes and dislikes behind each kind of political exercise. Policy creations and legislations depend on the sociological research. Sociologist’s research on on crime, divorce, juvenile delinquency, situations of slum and urbanisation give inputs to the federal government and legislators.

Perhaps it must be referred to as a “hypothesis-strengthening” case examine or, as Eckstein himself suggests, a “plausibility probe” (oral remark at the IPSA Round Table Conference in Turin, September 1969). Patterns of Democracy , was famous work of Lijphart which was a comprehensive examine of democracies all over the world. This strategy has been criticized for its dependence on strategies and methods and ignoring the subject matter.

Also Nigerians neglect on agriculture manufacturing coursed food shortage. In the past Nigerians produced enough food for home needs however after independence the federal government was unable to provide food domestically and therefore began importing food from foreign countries which was not nutritious sufficient. Among the imports had been palm oil from Malaysia of which Nigeria was the biggest producer and exporter, and rice from United States. Once the most important African poultry producer, Nigeria lost status due to inefficient corn manufacturing and ban on importation of corn. Again it’s now not the most important exporter of peanuts, cocoa and rubber (Guy Peters 262).Several factors added up to issues in agricultural sector.