Socialism Vs Capitalism


The reformers had been led by seventy one-yr-old Nguyen Van Linh, who turned the get together’s new general secretary. Linh and the reformers implemented a sequence of free market reforms—often known as Đổi Mới (“Renovation”)—which fastidiously managed the transition from a planned financial system to a “socialist-oriented market economic system”.

In the years following 1917, as events modeled after Lenin’s appeared in dozens of countries, a clear distinction emerged between social democracy and communism. This made for such a wide gulf that thereafter social democrats by no means called themselves communists, and communists never called themselves social democrats. The distinction, nonetheless, continued to be clouded by the truth that each side claimed the term socialism for themselves. Thus the nation Lenin created was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and at the similar time the international federation that introduced collectively the world’s social democratic parties (the British Labour Party, … Read More