4 Countries Embrace the Ideology of Anarchism

From the past to the present there are many kinds of ideologies in the world, this is of course because of the different factors of government in each country, thus creating a new ideology. However, until now there are at least several ideologies that are quite well known throughout the world, including the ideologies of liberalism, democracy, capitalism, and anarchism.
What is the Ideology of Anarchism?
The ideology of anarchism is an understanding of the mind that believes that all forms of government, the state, and its power are institutions that will gradually create oppression in social life. Therefore, the state and its government and all kinds of instruments must be eliminated, so that people who live in the country feel free. In various government sectors such as politics, economy, and administration, anarchy means coordination and management without bureaucratic rules that can be broadly defined.
The ideological characteristics of anarchism are that the people want a system that is free from the monopoly of power and wants to create peace with the freedom that is not bound by laws and regulations in the country. In short, it can be said that anarchism is a social system in which there is no bond between the government and its people.
The following are some examples of countries that have embraced the ideology of anarchism in the past.
A. Afghanistan
The country of Afghanistan is a country where several polemics are still taking place which is enough to attract the attention of all countries in the world. We know that this country has a very strategic location, so that it has always been a struggle for other countries, this is sometimes referred to as the cause of international disputes. In fact, we can say that this country is poor and difficult to develop. This situation led Afghanistan to embrace the ideology of anarchism because it did not trust any government to promote and prosper them.
B. Russia
Russia seems to be familiar to us. In fact, we often hear about the history of this country that there are many cases related to anarchism. Yes, it is true. In Russia, it turns out that there are more gangsters than cops. Cases of murder, persecution, theft, and so on are rife in Russia. In fact, very few people wanted to become security guards, because of the majority of the people adhered to the ideology of anarchism at that time.
C. Somalia
Somalia also adheres to the ideology of anarchism. This is due to the failure of the government to lead its people. Also, there have been cases of corruption that have caused the government to be incompatible as it should be. The existence of this corruption is a factor causing social conflict. Since then, the Somalians consider themselves to be the Free Republic of Somaliland, which means the people are free from the freedom they get. Until around 2006, Ethiopia had tried to attack Somali soldiers and ended in bloodshed which resulted in many deaths.
D. Iraq
The country of Iraq is known for its vast oil reserves. However, this country was very chaotic. The system of government was very unclear at that time, often there was violence and even hopelessness in life, and then made most of its citizens then embraced the ideology of anarchism. Until 2003, the US tried to occupy Iraq which then led to civil war and resulted in many casualties from the civilian population. Since then, cases of kidnapping and murder have occurred almost every day with an enormous frequency. It is very terrible indeed for a country that actually has the potential to be developed better.