Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY on the Art of Small-Town Politics

Being a Politician in a Small Town  

Being a former town councilman in Syracuse NY was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of his life. The position affords an opportunity to put different issues into context, to be able to serve the greater needs of everyone in a district.  

Former Councilman Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY says that it is an honor of a lifetime to have had the community standing behind him. He opens up on what it means to navigate through complex issues and how he’s managed to build a solid reputation for himself.  

Taking the Time  

Local Government offers an immediate opportunity for individuals interested in public service and serving their community; as it allows for relationship building unlike that of state and federal aspirations. For Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY, it’s all about taking time to talk to people so he could … Read More

Aron Govil on Herd Mentality: Why It Exists and What It Means for Our Country

 Herd Mentality and a Nation of Sheep: What Aron Govil Has to Say About the Dunning Kruger Effect

Aron Govil, author of A Nation Of Sheep Will Believe A Trump, has a lot to say about how the herd mentality functions in the US. He discusses what it means to live in a bubble and how it affects our country as a whole.

Aron Govil is an entrepreneur,  Bollywood actor and producer, but he’s also spent time working with various political candidates throughout his career.  His insights into how people think and what they do have helped him make sense of the world and predict what’s on the horizon. As the author of A Nation Of Sheep Will Believe A Trump, he explored the herd mentality in-depth. He breaks down how it works here and what it ultimately means for the US.

The Dunning Kruger Effect

Herd mentality, … Read More