Romney and Obama Focus on Battleground States for their Final 24 Hours Campaign


The candidates will spend the final 24 hours of this long presidential race bouncing around the country, rallying supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states.

President Obama is set to hit urban centers in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, with Bruce Springsteen tagging along as his opening act. Jay-Z is scheduled to join the campaign at a mid-afternoon gathering in the Buckeye State.

Like the president, Mitt Romney will make one last play for Ohio, arriving in Columbus four hours after Obama leaves for Iowa. It will be the Republican’s third stop in a day that sees him track north from Florida — where the wait to register an early vote this weekend lasted as long as six hours — to Virginia, ending the night with one last rally in New Hampshire.

If the Romney ticket doesn’t win enough votes to unseat President Obama on Tuesday night, it won’t be because Paul Ryan was a lazy campaigner. The vice presidential candidate will make five stops Monday, in five different states, covering four time zones. He closes out the election season back home, with a late night rally in Milwaukee, Wis.

While the candidates push their supporters to the polls and smile for the cameras in what they expect to be packed arenas, parks, and airplane hangars – at least seven of the events will be hosted at airports – there have been some rumblings from Republicans, GOP strategist Karl Rove among them, that Romney’s campaign might have been dealt an insurmountable blow by Superstorm Sandy.

“The hurricane is what broke Romney’s [post-debate] momentum,” former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said on CNN Sunday morning. “Any day that the news media is not talking about jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, deficit and debt, ‘Obamacare’ and energy, is a good day for Barack Obama.”

The Romney campaign, though, insists it is traveling steadily along a well-charted course to victory on Tuesday.

“I don’t look at what happened with the storm and how it affected so many people through a political lens,” Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday. “We are focused on what we can do to make sure that the enthusiasm that we have seen in states that it’s part of helping our get out the vote efforts in all these key battlegrounds and then just focusing on the message. So I wouldn’t entertain the same notion that those folks did.”

And in Cleveland Sunday, Romney made one last argument for dismissing President Obama from office after a single term.

“He promised to do so very much, but, frankly, he fell so very short,” Romney said. “He promised to be a post-partisan president, but he’s been most partisan; he’s been divisive, blaming, attacking, dividing. And by the way, it’s not only Republicans that he refused to listen to; he also refused to listen to independent voices.”

They’ve also been asked to deliver one last round of attacks on the Republican challenger.

According to the memo, “Gov. Romney has been using his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that failed our country and crashed our economy, and offers them up as change.”

Source: ABC

Hurricane Sandy may Affect Romney’s Late Push to Claim 10 electoral votes

Mitt Romney. By

Frankenstorm has upended Mitt Romney’s late push to claim the Badger State ’s 10 electoral votes, though Hurricane Sandy may be a safe distance from Wisconsin.

Team Romney apparently decide to stop politicking with flooding, power outages, and even deaths on the horizon and the Republican presidential nominee was compelled Monday evening to ax an event in suburban Milwaukee, a GOP stronghold.
Wisconsin seems to have reverted to its old left-oft-center self when it comes to national politics, but Romney visit may not have made all that much difference, as just a few months removed from the conservative movement’s resounding victory over organized labor in the bitter Scott Walker recall fight.
President Obama still ahead not only polls show by far less than his 14-point margin from 4 years ago, but a liberal Democratic congresswoman Tommy Baldwin representing the college town of Madison was assumed to have an uphill battle on her hands and drawn even in the polls in her bid to take out popular former republican governor Tommy Thomson in the US Senate race.
After public-sector unions failed to recall Gov. Scott Walker, the Republicans predictions of a new era of conservative hegemony now seem more than a little premature in a state that lasted backed a Republican presidential candidate in 1984.
The possibility of a Romney upset as the Wisconsin political insiders and longtime observers of the state’s election is considering, however George W. Bush came up a thousand votes short here both in 2000 and 2004 although winning in the neighbor of Ohio . A possibility of a last minute sprint by Romney fearing the Electoral College math just isn’t adding up in some of the swing states he originally intending to win such as Ohio , Iowa , and Virginia .
Former governor Jim Doyle says, “Given the makeup of the electorate, if Romney can’t win Ohio , it’s even more unlikely that he could win Wisconsin .”

Obama’s Lead is Narrowed Down Against Romney


The deficit of Romney against President Obama among likely voters in Florida and Wisconsin but not Ohio has narrowed down after the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. This is according to a new Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS News poll.

The lead of Mr. Obama to Romney is down from 49 percent to 46 percent in Florida, down from 51 to 45 on August 1. From 49 percent to 47 percent in Wisconsin, Congressman Ryan’s home state, down from a six-point lead, 51 to 45 percent in Ohio, unchanged from Aug. 1.

The assistant director of Quinnipiac University Polling institute, Mr. Peter Brown said, “Gov. Mitt Romney’s pick of US Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate has made some small difference in Florida and Wisconsin, at least at this point, when voters in these three key states are asked about their presidential vote.”

Since 1964, of those three states, Ohio is the top bellwether having voted for the winner in every presidential election, the longest winning stake of any state. The four point bounce in Wisconsin of Romney is similar to other recent polls and reinforces as a tossup state along with Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, and New Hampshire .

The Medicare proposals as the focus of significant attention since Ryan joined the ticket Aug. 11-is widely unpopular in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin which is 1/3 of likely voters approved of Romney’s plan to turn Medicare, the federal government’s health insurance program for seniors, into a voucher like system. Although the system is projected to become insolvent in 2024, there are around 6 in 10 want to keep Medicare the way it is.

The Medicare would change to a system of premium support in 10 years as Ryan GOP’s budget plan. A fix sum to purchase either private insurance or traditional Medicare shall be given for seniors. This system according to Democrats would fail to keep up with the rising cost of health care.

Mitt Romney’s Tour to Six States Eying Paul Ryan’s Possible Running Mate


Mitt Romney in his six-state tour will be in Wisconsin on Sunday. Remember that Gov. Scott Walker survived a recall election earlier this month that makes the Republican morale high.

“The victory of Walker can be seen as laying ground for Romney to take a state that has not gone for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984” Reuters reported Friday. The victory of Walkers indicates the unity of divided Republican Party, conservative insurgent tea party activists and deep-pocketed donors: a champion (Walker}, a common cause (fiscal conservatism) and a common enemy (unions}”.

In other development of Romney’s Tour, a CBS News’ Scott Conroy detailed why the nation will be closely monitoring Romney’s appearance with Rep. Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wis. It is evident that Paul Ryan has the rhythm tandem of Romney.

Scott Conroy said “Romney’s visit to the Wisconsin’s Congressional District, which Ryan represents, will come less than two weeks after Gov. Scott Walker retained his position in a filed election – a result that galvanized Republicans in the state,. The campaign appearance with the house Budget Committee chairman, a popular and influential figure among economic conservatives, will no doubt spark increased chatter about the possibility for the seven- term lawmaker joining the Republican ticket.”

Gov. Walker clarified his belief that Ryan is the best potential running mate for Romney during his appearance Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Walker told the Hill blog that ““I’m biased for Paul, if you believe that the Fiscal crisis facing our country is clearly one of our top challenges, I don’t know of anybody, at least in this town, who’s better equipped to help you deal with that – not just because of his plan but because he understands the dynamics. I think he’s got credible respect on both sides of the aisle…. I think there’s tremendous value to Paul.”