Romney and Ryan in their Final Push for Victory in Ohio


In an effort to snatch the estate offering the keys to the White House in the final week election campaign, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were blitzing Ohio last night.

The Republican candidates were touring the state urging the voters in its conservative rural counties to help them grow a “bountiful harvest of new jobs” thus, trailed in polls of the Midwestern bellwether all year.
“ America is more than just a piece of geography,” said Mr. Ryan to hundreds of farmers at a remote school in Sabina.
“It is more than our cornfields, our bean fields and our dairy farms. It is an idea.”
Mr. Romney promised last night at a rally in Celina. “We know where we want to lead the country to get America strong again,” a thousand supporters prompting earsplitting chants of “ USA ” .
Viewing the event in television bulletins, aiming to sway undecided moderate, he boasted also that “independent voters and some democrats” were flocking to his campaign.
In 2004, George Bush who won in a shock victory in Ohio -and reelection by sharply boosting rural turnout, the former Massachusetts governor is aiming to replicate the success of Bush.
In every election since 1968, the state has backed the winning presidential candidate and is poised yet again to be the “tipping point” that indicates which man has succeeded in the Electoral College.
For a average of just 1.9 percent, Mr Obama lead in the polls of Ohio which was from 5.5 before his defeat in the Oct. 3 first presidential debate.
The national lead of Romney holds an average of 0.9 percent but still the republicans concede Ohio is critical.
“I don’t buy that there’s a path without Ohio for Romney,” Nicolle Wallace, a former aide to Mr. Bush, told ABC News yesterday
Areas such as Celina and Sabina is easily won by Romney, these areas backed John McCain over Mr. Obama in 2008 by 30 points.

Tennessee Voters Give Romney a Wide Lead


For the first time in history in American History, if Tennessee voters had concerns about electing a Mormon to the White House, they’ve apparently gotten over it in the last few days.

A lead of about 59 percent to 34 percent by the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney against President Barack Obama in Tennessee , according to the Middle Tennessee State University poll released on Saturday. About 74 percent of the white evangelical Christians surveyed support Romney in the poll result.
Ken Blake, director of the MTSU Poll said, “The once-strained relationship between Gov. Romney and religious Tennesseans seems to have improved markedly since the spring’s primary election.”
Just before the March primary, a poll taken and found church-going Republicans favored former Sen. Rick Santorum nearly 6-to-1 over Romney, while the split was balanced who attended church less often for the Tennessee Republicans, Blake said.
Of the GOP primary vote, Santorum won 37 percent to Romney’s 28 percent and Newt Gingrich’s 24 percent in the overall.
Several things that have happened in Romney’s favor as noted by Jason Reineke, associate director of the poll. “It’s OK for an evangelical to vote for a Mormon,” they included a meeting with the Rev. Billy Graham and a USA Today column by Franklin Graham saying.
Voters, who identified themselves as evangelical Christians, ultimately may be driven ‘more by opposition to Obama than direct support to Romney,” Reineke said.
“It is also important to note that is far from uncommon for partisans who didn’t vote for the winner in their primary to come home to the party, almost regardless of the candidate selected, in these highly polarized times.”
After casting early votes Friday, voters leaving the Rutherford County Election Commission Office weren’t surprised the white evangelical Christian vote that Romney is dominating.
Romney’s Mormonism for the most part did not affect their votes, those leaving the polls said.

Mitt Romney Promises to Revive the Economy in his Speech


AMES, Iowa — Mitt Romney is promising to revitalize the nation’s economy with “bold ideas” and a senior aide said the Republican presidential candidate would not cut ties with an Indiana Senate candidate who said pregnancy resulting from rape is “something God intended.”

As President Barack Obama took a break from the campaign trail, Romney delivered what his campaign billed as a major economic address in swing state Iowa on Friday to help win the dwindling number of voters yet to make up their minds. While the speech did not break new ground, it was designed to help crystalize the differences between his and Obama’s economic approaches less than two weeks before Election Day.

“If Paul Ryan and I are elected as your president and vice president, we will endeavor with all our hearts and energy to restore America,” Romney said. “Instead of more spending, more borrowing from China and higher taxes from Washington, we’ll renew our faith in the power of free people pursuing their dreams.”

Minutes before the speech, senior strategist Eric Fehrnstrom said Romney would not call on Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock to remove TV ads featuring Romney’s endorsement. Fehrnstrom said Romney disagrees with the Indiana Republican’s recent comment about rape, but would not interfere with Mourdock’s advertising.

“That’s his decision,” Fehrnstrom said when asked whether the campaign wants Mourdock to remove the ads. He added that Romney feels he has addressed the matter and doesn’t plan to discuss it further.

Romney has not spoken about Mourdock’s comments directly, despite repeated questions from reporters about it in recent days.

The candidate was focused on the economy as he addressed several hundred supporters on a cold autumn day outside a local construction company.

Romney argued that Obama has no proposals that can meet “the challenges of the times.” He dismissed the president’s signature legislative achievement, a health care law, as “his vaunted Obamacare” and said he would instead focus on saving Medicare and Social Security.

He repeated many of his standard campaign themes: that Obama is focusing on small issues like “characters on Sesame Street and silly word games” and that Romney will improve kitchen-table concerns like health care, job creation and school choice. His signature refrain is that America can’t afford another four years like the last four years.

The speech came hours after the government reported a slight pickup in economic growth in the final such report before the Nov. 6 election.

The pickup to 2 percent from July to September from the 1.3 percent in the second quarter may help Obama’s message that the economy is improving. Still, growth remains too weak to rapidly boost hiring. And the 1.74 percent rate for 2012 trails last year’s 1.8 percent growth. Romney called the news “discouraging.”

“Slow economic growth means slow job growth and declining take-home pay,” Romney said in a statement. “This is what four years of President Obama’s policies have produced.”

The White House had a more positive take on the news in a blog post by Alan Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. “While we have more work to do, together with other economic indicators, this report provides further evidence that the economy is moving in the right direction,” he wrote. Obama got better news from a survey out of the University of Michigan showing consumer confidence rising to its highest level in five years.

An Associated Press-GfK poll out this week shows Romney overtaking Obama as the candidate that likely voters trust more to handle the economy. The poll found 51 percent of those voters surveyed Oct. 19-23 picking Romney, compared to 44 percent for Obama. The two candidates were tied among likely voters on that issue in the previous poll in mid-September.

Still, the two are locked in a dead heat in the nationwide poll. Other surveys show a tight race in the swing states that will decide the election, with the winning candidate needing 270 Electoral College votes. With Hurricane Sandy threatening the East Coast during the final full week of the campaign, Romney canceled a rally in Virginia scheduled for Sunday. Obama aides said they were watching the storm’s path before deciding whether to call off any of his events.

Obama was pushing back on Romney’s criticism on another front — relations with Israel, which could have an impact particularly with Jewish voters in swing state Florida. The Republican has repeatedly criticized Obama for not traveling to Israel as president. Obama visited as a candidate in 2008.

A new ad shows images of Obama’s trip and video of his pledge during his final debate with Romney that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon while he’s president and that “our bond with Israel will be unbreakable.”

Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg responded that Obama’s Middle East policy “has been a failure.”

“As president, Mitt Romney’s first overseas trip will be to Jerusalem, and under a Romney Administration, the world will never question America’s solidarity with Israel,” she said in a statement.

Souce: Deseret News

Mitt Romney Intensive Campaign Made him the Voters’ choice


The final days of the campaign for the president in the U.S. is to about to close. The American people will decide on November 6, who will seat as U.S. president. It might retain Obama or a new president will be at the White House.

Both candidates are doing their final stage in the campaign to become a U.S. president. Each one does their task in winning the voters whom they rely that can help them seat as president. The present polls show that a close fight between the two candidates thus, it is hard to determine who will be the next U.S. president.
But Mitt Romney campaign has done a great impact on him. Every time he visits a state made some voters change their mind that instead of Obama, they shifted to Romney. However, since Obama is ahead of Romney in the beginning of the campaign, still obama is on the top. But as the days go by, the issue of U.S. economy, creating million of jobs, and foreign policy that Obama has failed to do in his term, prefer the voters to change the president.
The experience of Romney as a successful businessman is the right president for the recovery of the worse economy of the U.S. today. The credential of Romney as a businessman far outweighs that of Obama as far as who better the American economy. The reason behind those voters chooses Romney because they prefer to have businessman in the White House than a lawyer.
The two debates of president Obama and Romney add factors also in the preference of the voters to choose who can seat in the white house. Obama did not perform well during the debate by not giving clear answer to the economic crisis of the Americans. Four years that Obama has not fulfilled his promise to recover the US economy, thus people are in doubt of his leadership.

Romney Position Himself as a Centrist on Foreign Policy


WASHINGTON – The final debate with President Barack Obama, the Republican Mitt Romney scrambled to position himself as a centrist on global affairs. This is a dramatic shift for the Republican challenger as the final two weeks of the campaign in the deadlocked race for the White House/

The last of three presidential debates, Romney appeared determined to emerge mistake free, where Obama leads among voters on foreign policy. The performance of Romney appeared to have succeeded and gave Obama campaign more ammunition for its allegations that made Romney shift suddenly to satisfy the immediate needs of his bid to replace the president.
Romney largely expressed agreement with how Obama has conducted U.S. foreign policy on most issues facing the United States abroad.
However, the focus of the most Americans is not on world affairs but on struggling U.S. economy. The last two weeks before the Nov. 6 election, both Obama and Romney will spend appealing to the tiny slice of still undecided voters in this presidential race where the electorate evenly split in what the polls show.
In the nine US states the key to victories lies on the voters who vote for candidates that doesn’t care for the party. It is not according to the popular nationwide vote that the president is chosen but in state-by-state contests. Winning in popular vote make it possible for a candidate to win but lose in the election, as in former Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 defeat.

The Reason Behind why Support Romney for President


 An American column speaks about why he will vote Romney for president.

This column is enumerating some important points why he chooses Romney rather than Obama as president. Brandon Todd speaks for American on this that this coming Nov., he will not vote for Obama. He said that way back in 2008, Mr. Obama’s words were music to his ears. And after four years of deception and division, he then realized that he was being fooled by a slithery politician. He described Obama as simple demagogue. Out of these reasons, America can choose the vision of Obama or choose that of Governor Mitt Romney.


Why he is supporting for Romney?  The reason behind his support is because he believes that his credentials as a businessman far outweigh that of Obama as far as who is better in the American economy. It is better to have a businessman in the White House than a lawyer. The speech of Obama is captivating but no substance. As a lawyer, most are liars. The president he wants is truthful and he found it in Romney.


The speech of Romney is more on equality of opportunity which is how this country came to greatness but Obama talking a misleading rhetoric that implies equality of outcome. There are several reasons why he will vote for Romney.


That Romney is for limited government. The small businesses and corporation tax reduction to help stimulate job growth. Regulation reduction can give confidence back to business to rehire. And spending reduction across the board the ever growing national debt which is now $16 trillion and rising.


Romney also wants to decrease the power of federal government and making their own decision on respective states and not on the president. The approval of the Keystone XL pipeline which Obama opposes is given priority by Romney.


Well, each one has its own opinion. Now what’s yours? Just feel free to comment below.

Virginia is for Romney as He Wins the heart of the People

In a rented office five metro stops from the White house, there were about 30 other partisans crammed into the boardroom, including a number of Ralph Lauren Polo-type guys and more college age hotties in sundresses than you might expect to turn out to rave for Willard Mitt Romney. The Swing-State Girl, Roman from the Black Forest , and Shuster-Who-Is-Suing-the-Federal-Government were up on the seventh floor.

One of the college girls was saying as Debate Night in America kicked off on Wednesday at Romney’s northern Virginia headquarters, “Being a Republican is definitely So cool.” Behind a folding table laden with anti-Barack Hussien Obama novelties, she was standing out in front of the building, an oversized button memorably that said BETTER A MORMON THAN A MORON.
“To Obama and the Socialist-Marxist he represents, you don’t matter, Mr. Shuster was sniffing. “ He only cares about you as a voting bloc.”
“Is there anything that Barack Obama could say tonight that would make you changed your mind?” I asked Mr. Shuster, who told me he “used to be an architect,” that he was the brother of the George Shuster who wrote the book entitled Obama’s War on Free Speech and his given name was Forrest.
The oarsman said, “I would shoot myself before I’d vote for him.”
With posters that hollered, wishfully, Virginia BELIEVES was the preparation of the boardroom. Julia Bennett-Ward, a Swing-Sate-Girl, told that she was a 26-year-old graduate of Georgetown University striving to pay off her student loans, work as “a federal government business consultant,” and on her Bennett side, she descended from President John Adams and John Quincy Adams. She lives in Virginia but grew up in Florida , the states whose up-for-grabs voters are likely to decide the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.
On behalf of the Romney campaign to registered Republican in northern Virginia , Ms. Bennett-Ward had spent the hour before the debate making 45 rapid telephone calls.

Romney Overwhelms by the Support of NRA as US President


Mitt Romney endorsed by the National Rifle Association for President, the biggest gun rights lobby in the United States as announced on Thursday.

In a statement of Romney he said, “I am proud to have their support for my candidacy, and when I am president, I will do in my power to defend and protect the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.”
Chris Cox the NRA Political Victory Fund chair said, it was important to have “ a friend of our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage in the White House,” referring to the part of the US Constitution which enshrines the right to bear arms.
“Today we live in an America …led by a president who mocks our values, belittle our faith, and is threatened by our freedom,” Cox said in Fishersville , Virginia , where Romney and Paul Ryan, a congressman and avid hunter, attended a rally.
Cox said in a statement, “So on behalf of the four million men and women of the National Rifle Association, representing tens of millions of NRA supporters, it is my honor to announce the NRA’s endorsement of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”
In April 2008, Obama as a Democratic presidential candidate told donors in liberal California that amid economic decline, some people “get bitter and cling to guns and religion,” that incurred him the wrath of conservatives and gun owners.
Wayne Lapierre the NRA executive vice president spoke of the tight Obama-Romney race playing out in Virginia , “the front line of this election.”
“This is where the race could be won or lost,” he said. “This is where gun owners must make the difference.”
Despite the tragedies in the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a political event in Arizona in which people died, and the shooting at a Colorado theater during a screening of a Batman movie in July that left 12 people dead, but then gun control has not emerged as a campaign issue this year.

Healthcare Law and Repeal National Legislation as Romney’s Challenge to Obama


A Massachusetts health care law being cited by the Republican Mitt Romney which he backed showing his empathy then later reiterated his pledge to repeal national legislation modeled after the state’s measure as he and President Barack Obama crisscrossed Ohio yesterday.

The presidential campaign dominates in confronting China on trade and lack plans to create jobs as each returned to focusing on the economy after several days during turmoil in the middle east, where the two candidates accuse each other of being too weak.
In Virginia , Obama and Romney will shadow each other in this critical battle ground state.
Romney Broached the issue of the health care figured in yesterday’s back and forth during an interview with NBC News.
A question sparked by the recent release of a video recorded at a private fundraiser in May where he had been asked about ways he could better show that he understand challenges facing most Americans at which Romney said 47 percent of voters view themselves as victims dependent on government help.
Help passed health care law in Massachusetts as state governor was Romney response to the question. The measure which served as a blueprint for the national health care which Obama failed where the Republican including Romney consistently criticize and should be repealed.
“Don’t forget, I got everybody in my state insured,” said by Romney in an interview conducted before a rally in Toledo . “One hundred percent of the kids in our state had health insurance.. I don’t think there’s anything that shows more empathy and care about the people of this country than that kind of record.”
Romney vow to repeal the health care law if he wins in the White House and repeated this at the rally and made this as “exhibit No. 1of the president’s political philosophy and that is that government knows better than people how to run their lives.”

5 Ways to solve Ohio problem for Romney to Win


Winning in Ohio is very necessary for a Republican to win the election. That would appear to be true with Romney because his path to the White House is exceedingly narrow without Ohio ’s Electoral College votes. President Obama up by 8 percentage points in a new Washington Post poll in the Buckeye State , and while “that’s on the high end of recent margins,” says Alexander Burns at Politico, “the trend is unambiguously in the president’s favor.”  It won’t be easy for Romney however even with early voting moving up the vote-casting starting gun, he can still win in Ohio . Things can turn around by the following 5 ways to solve his big “ Ohio problem:”

  1. The candidate and running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are on a three day bus tour of Ohio , as it turns this is one week campaign for Romney. The two who are the favorite of the conservatives have appeared together and the first time in three weeks time. The last and best chance for Romney to win.
  2. The Ohio voters aren’t just for him and this is the biggest obstacle for Romney. What Romney is going to do is to turn around his image over the next month.
  3. Romney faces a notable “ Ohio enthusiasm gap” with Obama, says Chris Cilliza at the Washington Post. You see some differences emerge, 56 percent of Obama voters are very enthusiastic, versus 46 percent for Romney. That’s not an insignificant difference when it comes to the likeliest of likely voters.. To win, Romney has to make an electorate look more like 2010 than 2008.
  4. The campaign’s internal poll numbers are much tighter than the public polls, putting Romney within the margin of error as what Romney strategists say. Politico’s Burns says, “Team Romney hope is that they can tighten the rest just a couple of points heading into the first debate.”
  5. Romney has to give up Ohio and focus on other sates like Florida , Virginia and other states that he can absolutely win.