Romney and Obama Focus on Battleground States for their Final 24 Hours Campaign


The candidates will spend the final 24 hours of this long presidential race bouncing around the country, rallying supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states.

President Obama is set to hit urban centers in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, with Bruce Springsteen tagging along as his opening act. Jay-Z is scheduled to join the campaign at a mid-afternoon gathering in the Buckeye State.

Like the president, Mitt Romney will make one last play for Ohio, arriving in Columbus four hours after Obama leaves for Iowa. It will be the Republican’s third stop in a day that sees him track north from Florida — where the wait to register an early vote this weekend lasted as long as six hours — to Virginia, ending the night with one last rally in New Hampshire.

If the Romney ticket doesn’t win enough votes to unseat President Obama on Tuesday night, it won’t be because Paul Ryan was a lazy campaigner. The vice presidential candidate will make five stops Monday, in five different states, covering four time zones. He closes out the election season back home, with a late night rally in Milwaukee, Wis.

While the candidates push their supporters to the polls and smile for the cameras in what they expect to be packed arenas, parks, and airplane hangars – at least seven of the events will be hosted at airports – there have been some rumblings from Republicans, GOP strategist Karl Rove among them, that Romney’s campaign might have been dealt an insurmountable blow by Superstorm Sandy.

“The hurricane is what broke Romney’s [post-debate] momentum,” former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said on CNN Sunday morning. “Any day that the news media is not talking about jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, deficit and debt, ‘Obamacare’ and energy, is a good day for Barack Obama.”

The Romney campaign, though, insists it is traveling steadily along a well-charted course to victory on Tuesday.

“I don’t look at what happened with the storm and how it affected so many people through a political lens,” Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday. “We are focused on what we can do to make sure that the enthusiasm that we have seen in states that it’s part of helping our get out the vote efforts in all these key battlegrounds and then just focusing on the message. So I wouldn’t entertain the same notion that those folks did.”

And in Cleveland Sunday, Romney made one last argument for dismissing President Obama from office after a single term.

“He promised to do so very much, but, frankly, he fell so very short,” Romney said. “He promised to be a post-partisan president, but he’s been most partisan; he’s been divisive, blaming, attacking, dividing. And by the way, it’s not only Republicans that he refused to listen to; he also refused to listen to independent voices.”

They’ve also been asked to deliver one last round of attacks on the Republican challenger.

According to the memo, “Gov. Romney has been using his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that failed our country and crashed our economy, and offers them up as change.”

Source: ABC

Several Polls Reveal that Romney is Leading in New Hampshire and Florida


Republican presidential candidate continues to reap benefits from the Oct. 3 presidential debate performance against President Barack Obama. New polls in the swing states of Florida and New Hampshire show Romney leading, though with a thin margin and within the sampling error.

The latest American Research Group tracking polls show Romney at 49 percent and Obama at 46 percent in Florida, and the GOP candidate leading 50 percent to 46 percent in New Hampshire as well.

The two states represent a total of 33 electoral votes. The ARG surveys, released Friday, have sampling errors of plus or minus four points. Both polls were conducted entirely after the presidential debate in Denver, Colo., and before last Thursday night’s vice presidential showdown between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Prior to the presidential debate, the ARG Sept. 25-27 poll in New Hampshire and Sept. 22-22 poll in Florida both had Obama leading 50 percent to 45 percent.

The Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald poll in Florida, also released Friday, has Romney at 51 percent and Obama at 44 percent. And the Rasmussen Reports poll in Florida gives Romney a 51-47 percent advantage.

However, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showed Obama at 48 percent and Romney at 47 percent.

Meanwhile, both Obama and Romney were preparing for the second of the three presidential debates set for Tuesday at Hofstra University near New York City, and trying to woo voters in Ohio, the state where the November election could be decided.

Romney had several campaign meetings and events in Ohio last week. Speaking to a crowd at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth on Saturday, he talked about questions he had for Obama on his policies during the debate. “Like why it was, with 23 million Americans out of work, struggling to find a good job, that he spent his first two years fighting for Obamacare, which made it harder to get jobs,” he said.

“And the only answer he had a few weeks ago was this. He [Obama] said, ‘You know, you cannot change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.’ We are going to give him that chance on November 6,” Romney added.


Obama Tied Up 45 Percent with Romney

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Image:

A Reuters/lpsos poll found on Sunday US President Barack Obama tied with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, an important campaign for Obama leaving him an opportunity to edge ahead of his opponent at the Democratic National Convention.

The race for presidential election on Nov. 6 is tight with 45 percent for Obama and 45 percent for Romney. This situation happens upon nomination of Obama for a second term this week in Charlotte , North Carolina among likely voters.
It was a survey conducted for Reuters by lpsos to judge voters’ attitudes around political conventions whose results were conducted from the seventh day of a rolling online poll.
Romney was off the campaign trail in New Hampshire and begins preparations for three debates with Obama in October; While Obama campaigned in Boulder , Colorado the state where he accepted the Democratic presidential nominations four years ago.
The Democrat task today is much more difficult with Americans struggling fewer than 8.3 percent unemployment, hope to generate the same kind of enthusiasm that propelled him to the White House in 2008.
Obama would offer an economic path forward when he gives his acceptance speech this week in Boulder as what the White House aides said on Sunday television talk shows. The Republican National Convention in Tampa last week was criticized by Obama and the attack against Romney is still going on.
Obama said, “Everything you heard from them…you have heard before. They have tried to sell us this trickle-down, you’re-on-your own snake oil before.” This is spoken at a large and supportive crowd at the University of Colorado .
The economy of the US is challenged by Obama and compare it to the first term of his presidency which is better according to him after four years.. But to the question last Sunday as to whether Americans are better off today than they were four years ago, his aides struggled to answer.
David Plouffe a White House adviser said on ABC’s “This Week,” “We’ve made a lot of progress from the depths of recession. We have a lot more work to do.”

Mitt Romney is in Vacation with Family


Photo by Jim Cole, AP

Mitt Romney the Republican presidential nominee will not be in campaign activities for a couple of days. He is taking a few days off the campaign trail for a family vacation at his estate in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The annual vacation is mandatory for Romney’s five children and their families, and it is packed with competitive sports and serious family discussions, according to a report by The Washington Post. This is exclusively a family affair and no politics at this moment.

The vacation home, which the Republican nominee first visited with his father George, is in a key battleground state: New Hampshire, which neighbors his home state of Massachusetts. But Romney is unlikely to do any campaigning there before his vacation ends on July 4th.

The Post says the family activities include competitive triathlons, football-throwing contests and challenges to see who can hang on a pole the longest. The activities known as the “Romney Olympics” The family also takes on chores from “a chore wheel,” The Post reports.

After the daytime sports, which also include tennis and waterskiing, are complete, the adult members of the family convene for meetings, where they discuss their jobs, family-life and anything else of consequence. They may touch about his presidential race and how their family may involve..

Tagg, Romney’s oldest son, told The Washington Post in a recent interview that the holiday is mandatory.

“My dad said, ‘No, you will make it,'” Tagg recalled during a time he was working for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and thought he would not be able to miss work during peak season.

The $8 million, six-bedroom home includes a boat house, tennis and volleyball courts and a private beach, The Post reports. According to the report, other Mormon families vacation in the area and the Fourth of July is a popular holiday complete with a parade.