Romney and Obama Focus on Battleground States for their Final 24 Hours Campaign


The candidates will spend the final 24 hours of this long presidential race bouncing around the country, rallying supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states.

President Obama is set to hit urban centers in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, with Bruce Springsteen tagging along as his opening act. Jay-Z is scheduled to join the campaign at a mid-afternoon gathering in the Buckeye State.

Like the president, Mitt Romney will make one last play for Ohio, arriving in Columbus four hours after Obama leaves for Iowa. It will be the Republican’s third stop in a day that sees him track north from Florida — where the wait to register an early vote this weekend lasted as long as six hours — to Virginia, ending the night with one last rally in New Hampshire.

If the Romney ticket doesn’t win enough votes to unseat President Obama on Tuesday night, it won’t be because Paul Ryan was a lazy campaigner. The vice presidential candidate will make five stops Monday, in five different states, covering four time zones. He closes out the election season back home, with a late night rally in Milwaukee, Wis.

While the candidates push their supporters to the polls and smile for the cameras in what they expect to be packed arenas, parks, and airplane hangars – at least seven of the events will be hosted at airports – there have been some rumblings from Republicans, GOP strategist Karl Rove among them, that Romney’s campaign might have been dealt an insurmountable blow by Superstorm Sandy.

“The hurricane is what broke Romney’s [post-debate] momentum,” former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said on CNN Sunday morning. “Any day that the news media is not talking about jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, deficit and debt, ‘Obamacare’ and energy, is a good day for Barack Obama.”

The Romney campaign, though, insists it is traveling steadily along a well-charted course to victory on Tuesday.

“I don’t look at what happened with the storm and how it affected so many people through a political lens,” Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday. “We are focused on what we can do to make sure that the enthusiasm that we have seen in states that it’s part of helping our get out the vote efforts in all these key battlegrounds and then just focusing on the message. So I wouldn’t entertain the same notion that those folks did.”

And in Cleveland Sunday, Romney made one last argument for dismissing President Obama from office after a single term.

“He promised to do so very much, but, frankly, he fell so very short,” Romney said. “He promised to be a post-partisan president, but he’s been most partisan; he’s been divisive, blaming, attacking, dividing. And by the way, it’s not only Republicans that he refused to listen to; he also refused to listen to independent voices.”

They’ve also been asked to deliver one last round of attacks on the Republican challenger.

According to the memo, “Gov. Romney has been using his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that failed our country and crashed our economy, and offers them up as change.”

Source: ABC

Hurricane Sandy may Affect Romney’s Late Push to Claim 10 electoral votes

Mitt Romney. By

Frankenstorm has upended Mitt Romney’s late push to claim the Badger State ’s 10 electoral votes, though Hurricane Sandy may be a safe distance from Wisconsin.

Team Romney apparently decide to stop politicking with flooding, power outages, and even deaths on the horizon and the Republican presidential nominee was compelled Monday evening to ax an event in suburban Milwaukee, a GOP stronghold.
Wisconsin seems to have reverted to its old left-oft-center self when it comes to national politics, but Romney visit may not have made all that much difference, as just a few months removed from the conservative movement’s resounding victory over organized labor in the bitter Scott Walker recall fight.
President Obama still ahead not only polls show by far less than his 14-point margin from 4 years ago, but a liberal Democratic congresswoman Tommy Baldwin representing the college town of Madison was assumed to have an uphill battle on her hands and drawn even in the polls in her bid to take out popular former republican governor Tommy Thomson in the US Senate race.
After public-sector unions failed to recall Gov. Scott Walker, the Republicans predictions of a new era of conservative hegemony now seem more than a little premature in a state that lasted backed a Republican presidential candidate in 1984.
The possibility of a Romney upset as the Wisconsin political insiders and longtime observers of the state’s election is considering, however George W. Bush came up a thousand votes short here both in 2000 and 2004 although winning in the neighbor of Ohio . A possibility of a last minute sprint by Romney fearing the Electoral College math just isn’t adding up in some of the swing states he originally intending to win such as Ohio , Iowa , and Virginia .
Former governor Jim Doyle says, “Given the makeup of the electorate, if Romney can’t win Ohio , it’s even more unlikely that he could win Wisconsin .”

Romney is Confident that He will Win this November due to Obama’s Failure


President Barack Obama ran smack into the harsh reality of a bleak new report on the nation’s unemployment outlook after emerged from the euphoria of his party’s convention Friday. While Republican rival Mitt Romney pounced on the poor jobs figure that suggest putting someone new in the Oval Office.

Obama and Romney campaign in Hampshire and Iowa , the states where the two rivalries for presidency are too close to call race. The employer just added 96,000 jobs last month as reported by the new Labor Department which is behind the figure that fail to meet expectations. Their campaign for sure will be dominated by this report.
But because more people gave up looking for work the unemployment rate drop from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent in the month of July.
Romney said, “After straight months of unemployment above 8 percent, it is clear that President Obama just hasn’t live up to his promises and his policies haven’t worked.” This is stated by him as he flew to Iowa . “We aren’t better off than they were four years ago. My plan for a stronger middle class will create 12 million new jobs by the end of my first term. America deserves new leadership that will get out our economy moving again.”
“If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover,” Romney said on the morning after the closing speech of Obama at the Democratic National Convention.
The Ohio Republican in a statement said, “The American people are still asking, where are the jobs. “
It was up early to pronounce by Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs that the Democratic gatherings had achieved its goals. The adviser said the president “understand we still have a long way to go” to strengthen the economy, this was spoken about before the jobs numbers were released.
Depending upon the voters foresight whether the economy as improving, remaining stagnant or getting worse under Obama  that could turn on the coming November election.

Romney Takeoffs 6 Frontline States Bus Tour


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is swaying the road as he announced to have a five-day bus tour within the 6 battleground states. This tour is called as “Believe in America: Every Town Counts”, and this will begin with New Hampshire this coming Friday.  The next stop states are the following Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa and will end in his native state of Michigan. This is the places he will concentrate on what he dubs as President Barack Obama’s ineffective economic policies. After several weeks of a light campaigning agenda that was dedicated on hitting high-dollar fundraisers, it is his time to hold public events making possible through this bus tour.

It will be the first time Romney will visit Wisconsin as his last time was on April Badger State as well as the first trip back to Michigan ever since the main state. In Iowa, this will be his third visit in becoming the possible candidate. There is some local news that says that Romney is anticipated to stop also in Davenport, Iowa within his bus tour.

“For three and a half years, President Obama has paid little attention to the everyday concerns of the American people,” Romney said in a statement announcing the tour. “President Obama has offered no hope for the future, and he has left American families to bear the burden of his failed policies.

“Too many American families have experienced a lost job, faced foreclosure, or been forced to spend their kids’ college savings just to make ends meet,” said Romney. “These are not statistics – these are our fellow Americans. In America’s small towns, you don’t find despair — you find boundless optimism. We know we can make America better, and that is why I am running for president.”

Even if Romney frequently takes his bus during his campaign to different states, this tour will be the extensive duration he will do as it will include far more states. Like before, Romney had a three-day tour in New Hampshire which leads him to be the principal there. Another one is the “Earn It” bus tour wherein he intertwined in and out of small municipalities in the state like stopping at the gas stations or restaurants along the road.

Well, this forthcoming bus tour is more likely to have similar ambiance according to people who knows with this preparation. This involves off-the-cuff stops anywhere that Romney can meet and talk to the people.  In one of Mitt Romney site, he will spend Father’s day at a pancake breakfast in Ohio which is the third day of his trip.