Romney and Ryan in their Final Push for Victory in Ohio


In an effort to snatch the estate offering the keys to the White House in the final week election campaign, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were blitzing Ohio last night.

The Republican candidates were touring the state urging the voters in its conservative rural counties to help them grow a “bountiful harvest of new jobs” thus, trailed in polls of the Midwestern bellwether all year.
“ America is more than just a piece of geography,” said Mr. Ryan to hundreds of farmers at a remote school in Sabina.
“It is more than our cornfields, our bean fields and our dairy farms. It is an idea.”
Mr. Romney promised last night at a rally in Celina. “We know where we want to lead the country to get America strong again,” a thousand supporters prompting earsplitting chants of “ USA ” .
Viewing the event in television bulletins, aiming to sway undecided moderate, he boasted also that “independent voters and some democrats” were flocking to his campaign.
In 2004, George Bush who won in a shock victory in Ohio -and reelection by sharply boosting rural turnout, the former Massachusetts governor is aiming to replicate the success of Bush.
In every election since 1968, the state has backed the winning presidential candidate and is poised yet again to be the “tipping point” that indicates which man has succeeded in the Electoral College.
For a average of just 1.9 percent, Mr Obama lead in the polls of Ohio which was from 5.5 before his defeat in the Oct. 3 first presidential debate.
The national lead of Romney holds an average of 0.9 percent but still the republicans concede Ohio is critical.
“I don’t buy that there’s a path without Ohio for Romney,” Nicolle Wallace, a former aide to Mr. Bush, told ABC News yesterday
Areas such as Celina and Sabina is easily won by Romney, these areas backed John McCain over Mr. Obama in 2008 by 30 points.

Former President George Bush And His Family Endorses Romney As Their President


Former U.S. President Gorge W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney for President. This was his statement on Tuesday when ABC News asked him in which presidential nominee he supported with.

The actual statement of him as the elevator doors closed perhaps is the most unenthusiastic president endorsement of all time when he said, verbatim, “I’m for Mitt Romney”.

The statement of Former President George H. W. Bush was not much as a surprise because Romney is all but confirmed as the GOP nominee. The former President has stayed out of the public eye since leaving his office in 2009. He preferred to stay as low-key lifestyle in Dallas to playing politics in Washington.

The former president was in Washington, D.C. to promote the W. Bush Presidential Center’s global human rights campaign.

His parents, former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush, pledged to support for Romney in a televised endorsement in March, but the 43rd president has made no public statement for he preferred to keep his priorities on his educational and human rights campaigns.

Former Bush advisor Mark Mckinnon explained his old boss’s profile this way to ABC in March. And he said” President Bush is working quietly on issues he cares about and doing so in a way that is serious, dignified and respectful. Being back in political spotlight simply doesn’t put the focus where he wants in these days.”

Other members of the Bush family have endorsed Romney in more orthodox ways.

Jeb Bush, the popular former Florida Governor, formally announced his endorsement of Romney in Mid March.

In a late March news conference in Houston, a reporter asked Romney, “Governor, have you met with George W. Bush,” he said, “We speak from time to time.”

The Obama campaign responded to the endorsement Tuesday by comparing Romney’s views on tax cuts and Wall; Street regulation to Bush administration policies.