Romney’s Campaign Furiously to Restore the Lead He once Held


TAMPA , Fla. – The outcome to the south, in the largest swing state, now seems very much in doubt, even as the lion’s share of attention in the presidential campaign goes to the battleground of Ohio and the storm-battered states of the Mid-Atlantic.

After the first debate, Mitt Romney moved into a lead here, and since then with its 29 electoral votes sat solidly in their column as insisted by their aides. However, President Obama’s fortunes improving here with several polls results and as of Thursday morning, Democrats perform well in the early voting by leading about 59,000 out of more than 3 million absentee and in person early votes. It is a must that precious hours should be devoted by Romney to defend his position in the state.
Romney campaigned in Florida after Saturday, must returned on Wednesday for rallies in Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville due to the polls now showing in dead heat as such expecting to back over the weekend, when Obama also is scheduled to campaign here.
While victory for Obama  is a prize but of Romney it is a necessity. The win of Romney in Ohio and other Midwestern states can become a moot without a win in this state.
In these closing days of the campaign, the presidential race has tightened and the battle helps illustrate how the major swing states test Obama’s ability to hold a different part of the coalition that elected him four years ago.
To the white, working class voters in Ohio , the outcome turns on which man can they most appeal. With his bail out of the auto Industry and warnings about Romney’s background in the private equity business, Obama has wooed them with constant reminders. It will be tested how much loyalty the president still has among college-educated suburbanites, particularly women in the state of Virginia and Colorado .
They both fight for the final sliver of undecided single women on the airwaves, with dueling ads on abortion and contraception about Romney’s policies.

Anger Bursts as Romney and Obama Collides in 2nd Debate


HEMPSTEAD, New York — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stood toe-to-toe and harangued one another for telling untruths Tuesday, as naked dislike flared between the two rivals in a fiery presidential debate.

A pumped-up Obama bounced off the ropes after a dismal showing in the rivals’ first clash two weeks ago, showing more passion and energy in the first few exchanges than in the whole sleepy 90 minutes of their debut clash.

Obama was shocked into action by tumbling poll numbers triggered by Romney’s smooth performance in the first debate, which left panicking Democrats fearing his historic presidency could end in ignominy after a single term.

Freed from podiums that constrained them in the first debate, the candidates roamed the stage in the town-hall style encounter at Hofstra University, New York, exactly three weeks from election day on November 6.

Minutes into the clash, Republican Romney and Democrat Obama stood just a few feet apart, trading charge and counter charge in a furious verbal slanging match.

“Governor Romney says he has a five-point plan. He doesn’t have a five-point plan. He has a one-point plan, and that is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules,” Obama blasted about his challenger’s economic policy.

In one heated exchange over energy, Romney triggered an audible gasp of shock in the hall hosting the debate, when he snapped at the president: “You’ll get your chance in a moment, I’m still speaking.”

“Not true, Governor Romney, not true,” Obama said, after Romney savaged the president’s record on oil production over the last four years.

Just 21 days before the election, the obvious antipathy between the candidates reflected stakes that could hardly be higher as national polls and the race in battleground states tightens into a dead heat.

At moments, Romney quibbled with CNN moderator Candy Crowley, charging that Obama had interrupted him in contravention of the rules of the debate.

Romney, a 65-year-old former governor of Massachusetts, took the first question of the clash, about the jobs crisis, and bemoaned the plight of ordinary Americans who he said had been “crushed over the last four years.”

“I know what it takes to create good jobs and to make sure you have the opportunity you deserve,” Romney said.

Obama, 51, was quick off his stool in response, looking 20-year-old questioner Jeremy Epstein straight in the eye, fixing him with an intense stare as he promised to quicken the US economic recovery.

He rapped Romney for opposing the auto industry bailout which he engineered and which he said had saved a million jobs, and brushed off his Republican rival’s denials.

“What Governor Romney said just isn’t true. He wanted to make them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open,” Obama said.

Obama’s team had promised a “strong” and “passionate” performance by the president after his lifeless showing in the first debate in Denver, revived Romney’s campaign, which many Republicans thought was doomed to defeat.

Democrats were severely rattled by Obama’s no show, so his first mission Tuesday was to reboot enthusiasm among his core supporters, with early voting already under way in a clutch of states ahead of election day on November 6.

The town hall setting, which had each candidate seated at a stool on a red carpet, and free to roam around, tested the body language of the two candidates, and capacity to empathize with the anxieties of everyday Americans.

Before the debate, Obama dined with his wife Michelle on steak and potatoes, while Romney ate a dinner of rotisserie chicken, with sides of spinach and baked potato, with his wife Ann and five sons.

Team Romney has had Obama on the ropes, and his campaign signaled confidence by predicting that the Republican would triumph in the key state of Ohio and nationwide.

“Our campaign clearly has the momentum heading into these last few weeks, as evidenced by steady movement in the polls toward governor Romney, and increased enthusiasm on the ground at our events,” senior aide Rich Beeson said.

Recent polls in the crucial Midwestern battleground state, which no Republican has lost and gone on to win the White House, show Romney steadily eroding the president’s narrow lead there.

Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters here that Obama retained multiple routes to get to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency and dismissed the Romney campaign’s confidence in Ohio.

Supporters of both men were gathering at debate watching parties and another huge television audience was expected, though perhaps not so big as the 70 million that tuned into the first clash.

In one festive scene at The Apollo, the legendary Harlem theater that helped launch the Jackson Five, Billie Holliday and James Brown, was packed with an excited crowd hoping to see the biggest political talent show on earth.

“President Obama has his own swagger. He needs to look in the mirror and rediscover his mojo,” said Esther Armah, a radio host.

Source: Inquirer News

Romney is Going Upward in Poll Survey after Obama’s Rude statement During their debate


After the shellacking Team Obama faces in trying to regroup beyond those predictable poll bounces and fundraising. Some less than obvious benefits are still emerging after Mitt Romney brilliant performance in the first debate.

All the president’s men immediately went into DEFCON attack mode desperately trying to change the storyline. They charged out of Denver calling Romney a liar and promised that a more combative president would show up the next time as shown on their stump and in ads.
It was spitting’ mad after Obama’s pathetic performance which was a reaction designed to calm his left wing base. A potential high price was carried by the leftward lurch.
Obama’s need to attract moderate independents who will decide the election clashes with his effort to placate the MSNBC. His decision to go ultra negative and nasty creates another opportunity for Romney in the swing states because it’s difficult to do both at the same time.
Romney and Obama both tried to do it at the debate, but with different results. The candidates shore up their bases in the primary reasons then move to the center to broaden their appeal for the general election.
The president tried to cast himself as a reasonable man. Four years ago, Obama promised but rarely kept after he got into the White House which became an echo of the uniter role.
Obama talked about bipartisan and praised the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan he had shunned while Romney touted his work with Democrats in Massachusetts . He mentioned them only in the context of issues supported by both parties rather than using “Republicans” as a pejorative.
The president’s tongue-tied stupor and the fury on the left is scrambling the feint to the center which are the president’s weak effort being quickly overshadowed. An unexpected problem he didn’t expect to face so late in the campaign. For two years he is pandering after all to environmentalists, unions, young and minority voters

Mitt Romney Becomes Stronger in the Presidential Race after the Debate


Washington, Oct 4 – After a strong performance in their first debate heading into Nov. 6 election, the Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney gained ground on Democratic President Barack Obama base on a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken after their prime-time face-off.

 Romney has enjoyed a net positive in the US presidential race of around 51 percent of voters, the first time that happen. The favorability of Obama remained unchanged at 56 percent according to the poll.
It was widely seen as a victory for the Republican candidate for Romney to move ahead of the president on several issues after Wednesday debate.
The poll found that Romney is a better bet for the voters in terms of economy, spur job creation and manage the budget deficit. Obama’s advantage on taxes, the Social Security retirement program and the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and disabled is narrowed by Romney.
Ipsos pollster Cliff Young said, Romney’s strong performance could make the race more competitive.
“If he has more debates like this, is able to push through his message and target undecided, we might see movement in voting intention, but he needs a lot more of this,” Young said.
There is still two more debate of Obama and Romney before the election.
The point advantage of Obama over Romney had narrowed from 7 percent to 5 percent, a 48 percent to 43 percent poll found.
After the debate the online poll surveyed 536 registered voters on Wednesday and Thursday. It has a 4.8 percentage point’s credibility interval.
Young said, reading on the debate’s impact accurate reading will not be possible for several days. This is because the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll that measures the prospects of each candidate than the poll drew on a smaller of voters, taken over a shorter period of time.