Romney’s Campaign Furiously to Restore the Lead He once Held


TAMPA , Fla. – The outcome to the south, in the largest swing state, now seems very much in doubt, even as the lion’s share of attention in the presidential campaign goes to the battleground of Ohio and the storm-battered states of the Mid-Atlantic.

After the first debate, Mitt Romney moved into a lead here, and since then with its 29 electoral votes sat solidly in their column as insisted by their aides. However, President Obama’s fortunes improving here with several polls results and as of Thursday morning, Democrats perform well in the early voting by leading about 59,000 out of more than 3 million absentee and in person early votes. It is a must that precious hours should be devoted by Romney to defend his position in the state.
Romney campaigned in Florida after Saturday, must returned on Wednesday for rallies in Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville due to the polls now showing in dead heat as such expecting to back over the weekend, when Obama also is scheduled to campaign here.
While victory for Obama  is a prize but of Romney it is a necessity. The win of Romney in Ohio and other Midwestern states can become a moot without a win in this state.
In these closing days of the campaign, the presidential race has tightened and the battle helps illustrate how the major swing states test Obama’s ability to hold a different part of the coalition that elected him four years ago.
To the white, working class voters in Ohio , the outcome turns on which man can they most appeal. With his bail out of the auto Industry and warnings about Romney’s background in the private equity business, Obama has wooed them with constant reminders. It will be tested how much loyalty the president still has among college-educated suburbanites, particularly women in the state of Virginia and Colorado .
They both fight for the final sliver of undecided single women on the airwaves, with dueling ads on abortion and contraception about Romney’s policies.

A Five Day Run of Romney in the Five Swing States


On Sunday, Mitt Romney will be in Colorado to begin a critical, five day run that will likely decide the outcome of the presidential race through states.

Romney hope to bolster voter support in a state where polls show him losing ground to President Obama, thus he will attend an evening rally at a Denver-area high school.
In a three day bus tour in Ohio , the GOP presidential candidate continues his swing state run, followed by a stop in Virginia .
After the Republicans won them four years earlier, Obama won all three of those states in 2008.
Romney has not been specific enough that this campaign has veered off amid criticism; as such he is expected to provide more details about his economic plans for America .
With the presidential debate one week away and Election Day about six week away, the Sunday event ends up a busy weekend of campaigning for both parties.
 In Florida on Saturday Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential candidate made two stops, telling Cuban-Americans voters at a stop in Miami that he and Romney will restore the American Dream that brought them to this country.
Ryan said, “People pick up and they go for a better life in this country,” he said further in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood, “Mitt Romney and I are trying to restore that.”
In past few days, Romney has endured rocky including reports of internal struggle and a secretly recorded video has surfacing the he says half of the Americans don’t pay taxes and dependent upon the government.
The Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says the surfacing of the video was “not the best moment of the campaign,” but still the party had a good week, in a “cry stalling” moment.
He said on ABC’s “This Week”, “We were able to frame up the debate last week in the sense of what future do we want and do you want out there for your kids and grandkids?”

Romney Launch Fundraising On California


An “intense battleground state schedule” is about to lunch by Romney, facing criticism that he’s too focused on raising campaign cash. But, he will focus exclusively this Saturday on courting donors in a state that a Republican presidential candidate has less support in almost a quartet century.

Romney said, his campaign schedule has been hectic on speaking to roughly 650 supporters gathered at Grand Del Mar, a luxury hotel north of San Diego .
“I’m not even going to be able to go home today,” he said of his second home in nearby La Jolla . “We’re just coming to town to see you and keep the campaign going. It’s nonstop.”
Romney criticized President Barack Obama at a fundraising event in Los Angeles-area for failing to “fix Washington .”
 At his campaign in an vent at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Romney raised about $6 million and said, “The truth is, hehas proven he cannot fix Washington from the inside.”
The fund raising schedule of former Massachusetts governor is focus in battle ground states with voters, has drawn criticism for some Republicans who fear the campaign is in the wrong direction less than seven weeks before Election Day. President Barack Obama also raised money on his campaigned in Wisconsin this Saturday, which has emerged as a swing state.  Obama has a narrow lead in several key states as polls suggest.
Keven Madden an adviser of Romney defended the fund raising focus, while in the coming days a shift will be highlighted.
He said, “We’re here raising the resources we’re going to need to compete in all those battleground states through Election Day.”  He said further, “That’s also been matched with a really intense battleground state schedule that’s going to be coming up starting Sunday night. We’re keeping very busy.”
At least a dozen fundraisers and five public events Romney attended over the last week. He added on his campaign a rally at Colorado Sunday night ahead of Ohio , cognizant of the criticism. Also in Virginia he will also campaign next week. It is considered that the three states are highly competitive.