Limos, Politicians and Power: An Appreciation on Why Impressions

Impressions Matter

There is great power on how people perceive you, and politicians know it very well, at least the smart ones, and those are who exploit this to its maximum expression.

This article is a brief analysis on how politicians utilize people’s perception to magnify their power, and consequently, increase their social value.

About Limos

What do limousines have to do with this? If you take a quick look into it, you will find out that many politicians and important persons use this medium of transport very often, and they do it with the purpose of displaying their power and causing a strong impression on people.

That is why they work with excellent companies as Ross Limo that have a modern and elegant fleet with the best limousines.


In fact, limo companies are aware of this, and therefore, many of them have politicians as their target market. It is a smart move, because there is plenty of money to be made if they can supply the limos they are looking for.

If it was not the case, then we would not see endless white COMCARS waiting outside the entrances of the Parliament House in Canberra every sitting week. The same can be said for other countries.

Projecting Power Is Key

In order to influence people, it is important to project power, because it is much easier to accomplish so from a position of power. It can be done through several means, but especially body language, the way people dress and how they speak.

Not only politicians can do so, but also the average Joe. This is something that you and everyone can exploit, but you need to do it right, and the quickest way to do so is by learning body language and looking at how politicians as Vladimir Putin put it in practice.

You only need to look how he walks, how he display confidence through his body language and eye contact to understand what we mean.

He does many of the things to display great power:

  1. Smiles purposely
  2. Walks with confidence and slow pace
  3. Holds strong eye contact
  4. Keeps his head still
  5. Strong handshake

Simply replicating these behaviors can help you to be more assertive, and that is why world leaders as Putin put it in practice, because it works.

You can see that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to displaying power. Be it using the most luxurious limo, displaying confident body language or anything else, it is one with a purpose: display power to persuade and influence.