No More Avoidance of Health care for Mitt Romney


Washington – So much for Mitt Romney escaping health care.

Reminders of the Republican presidential candidate’s signature achievement as Massachusetts governor – a sweeping health care overhaul – now are everywhere. And Democrats and liberals – from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to President Barack Obama to party faithful in Congress – are making sure everyone knows that Romney’s requirement that all people have health insurance was the basis of the federal mandate that the Supreme Court just upheld as a tax.

“Congress followed Massachusetts’ lead, “Ginsburg wrote in the landmark decision. By design or not, she ended up giving Democrats ammunition against Romney.

Romney has spent much of the presidential campaign shying away from talking about the law he signed as governor and become the blue print of Obama’s national health care plan. Both measures require individuals to have health insurance, mandate the employer offer healthcare to their employees and provide subsidies or exemptions for people who can’t afford it. Both was impose penalties for those who won’t get coverage for those who can afford health insurance.

The Supreme Court’s ruling highlighted those similarities.

Romney justify his position over the similarities of his health care plan to Obama, and even said that he would repeal Obama’s national version. The Republican also has tried to explain between the two measures by telling audiences he would be happy to help the president write a better law.

Obama “does me a great favor by saying I was the inspiration, “Romney has said. “If that was the case, why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you ask me what was wrong?”

Since the court’s ruling, the Republican has taken care not to mention his state law. He left it out of his statement Thursday in response to the Supreme Court ruling and didn’t bring it up when he talked about health care at a private fundraiser Friday in New York.




Rudy Giuliani Supports and Campaigns Mitt Romney in Vegas


The former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani will support and campaign for the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Las Vegas.

According to the campaign officials, Mr. Giuliani will have an assembly together with the volunteers Friday morning at Romney’s campaign office just close by the Las Vegas Strip by emphasizing Romney’s business leadership.

It is known that the state of Nevada has the highest unemployment rate within the country.

Also, it is not Giuliani’s first time he lends his political star power to the Romney campaign. Last May, he remarkably joined Mitt Romney for a pizza break together with several New York City firemen.

Giuliani was of service as a mayor at the year during the World Trade Center’s twin tower was crashed down by the terrorist in 2001.

For those who don’t know, it was noted that Romney and Giuliani were  contenders in the 2008 republican presidential nominee and he has recommended Romney’s changes with regards to some issue like abortion, gay marriage and universal health care which has been the latest issue at this moment.

Romney Argued so much on Obama’s Health Care Law that can Hinder Job Creation

Although the Supreme Court has not rule out yet on President Obama’s health care law but Romney has already a response to the court’s decision that Obamacare was a “bad policy” for it diverted the president’s attention away from the more important issue of getting the nation’s unemployed back to work.

Romney speaking to several hundreds of supporters at a rally in Northern Virginia on Wednesday arguing that Obama is spending more time on passing healthcare program instead of trying to improve the economy. And Romney insisted that it was simply a moral failure on Obama’s part, thus he doesn’t deserve another four years in office.

photo: Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore

Romney declared that the president is in a tight spot for not doing what he said he’d do. The president is not doing that he would turn the economy round making his number one policy. Romney further stress that the president is focusing only his liberal ideas not focusing on creating jobs. “There is nothing wrong with people having agenda but our country is in crisis, you have moral responsibility to focus on helping people come out of that crisis. So it’s not just a bad policy but a moral failure to put forth a piece of legislation that would help Americans gets back to work instead of focusing the energy of the White House on Obamacare.” Romney said.

After the Supreme Court renders its decision, Romney is expected to speak in Washington. The GOP nominee likely won’t divert much from this response, which he previewed on the stump in recent days. It’s a talking that sticks with the larger message of Romney’s campaign which focus on Obama’s handling the economy although other issues such as immigration and foreign affairs that threatened to take center stage.

Four months Romney campaign is against Obama’s health care law and promise to repeal it of his potential presidency. This recent weeks Romney step further and arguing that Obama’s law hinder job creation.

Gov. Chris Christie Clarified He was Not Offered as Vice President by Romney


The day after Gov. Chris Christie assisted Mitt Romney to acquire money from the Jersey donors at during the fundraiser at Woodbridge; there was something that he clarified to the people. “Let me announce that he did not ask me last night to run for vice president when I was with him,” he said in response to question from a town hall attendee.

He also makes some humor that the Ramapo Ridge Middle School multitude insulated behind other listeners who bust out the veep query earlier. “You people are slow,” he said. “Mahwah is slow to get to this question.”

Then he provided typical answers telling that he never assume that Romney is going to ask him to the running mate of the Republican, but that he would listen if the request came.

“Listen, I have absolutely no idea,” he said. “My view has always been that I want to stay here and I want to do this job.”

Governor Chris Christie has run and lifted cash for Romney to the different states of the country since being the first governor who support and endorse Romney last year. That was October.

“If nominee of the party calls you and ask you to talk about that you take the call and you listen.”

Advice of Herman Cain for Mitt Romney and His VP Choice


Herman Cain after running a momentous presidential campaign, once again he fire up the Cain train for having latest bus tour and radio show. He spoke with Spinners and Winners about his possibility of being the running mate of Romney, the Republican veepstakes and his personal future in the presidential politics.

It is noted that Cain suspended his presidential campaign last December and having three separate supports. Then finally this May, he already endorsed Mitt Romney who was beforehand supporting both Gingrich and the American folks.

“The endorsement process is an evolution,” Cain tells ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “What you try to do is you endorse someone that you believe in and their ideas and their solutions align with yours.”

Regardless of being sluggish to endorse Romney, Cain tells that he completely supports Mitt Romney to beat Obama this November election. Also, he said that he has constant communication with Romney’s campaign and also he motivates the presumptive Republican candidate to focus on essential issues like tax reform. Cain’s own tax reform proposal known as “999” was his signature when he was still campaigning as presidential nominee, “What Governor Romney has to do is to be bolder with his proposals.”

Although he is confident that his party’s ticket will take back the White House this year, Cain cautions Republicans against complacency. “The way Governor Romney could blow it is number one: if Republicans get over confident. Number two: don’t slowdown in terms of the amount of effort that you have to exert in order to make sure that we win.”

When talking about who will be the best running mate of Romney, he says that he must choose someone he believes in. “If the nominee were Herman Cain,” he says, “my shortlist would include people like Rep. Allen West out of Florida, Rep. Paul Ryan out of Wisconsin and Sen. Marco Rubio and a senator out of Oklahoma, Coburn, Sen. DeMint… They are not afraid to challenge the establishment.”


Mitt Romney: States Have the Merit to Protect their Boundaries


Mitt Romney believed that states have a responsibility and a right to protect their borders whether he named it for a bipartisan national immigration tactic.

The Republican presidential candidate did not talk about the qualities of the Supreme Court’s verdict to lay out the main elements of Arizona’s strong immigration execution law. Otherwise, he makes this a chance to complain President Obama for his failure to act on immigration development not until just this time.

“This represents yet another broken promise by this president. I believe that each state has the duty — and the right — to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities,” Romney told in a written statement released before he left Salt Lake City to fly to a planned fundraiser in Arizona.

Romney does his best to mitigate his expression on immigration policy since he is the presumptive Republican candidate for president this November election. He termed Arizona’s law a “model”.

The administration of Obama litigated to oppose the Arizona law after he was on the position two years passed. According to Romney during the primary, he would have terminated the court case against Arizona in the event that he will be the next president of United States.

Today, the Supreme Court assessment defends Arizona’s “show me your papers” qualification as of the moment. However, it is hard to eliminate the police from catching people on negligible immigration accusations.

The court implemented these three major provisions: demanding all immigrants to have or bring immigration registration papers; creating it a state criminal offense for an illegal immigrant to find work or get a job; and permitting police to capture alleged illegal immigrants even without warrants.


Team Romney Retaliate with the Issue of Shipping Works Out of the Country


The Romney and Obama campaigns turned up their fight Sunday with regards about the claims that the presidential nominee of Republican previous company assisted an upsurge of outsourcing and off-shoring that led US jobs abroad.

Obama’s campaign had already handled onto the story that Romney’s Bain Capital was the reason of the country’s outsourcing changes; however a Washington Post story last Friday in that issue has been utilized as a bash by the Democrats.

Thus, Romney’s campaign retaliate perceiving that the Washington Post’s resident fact-checker dared few of the statements in the Washington Post’s own narration. The adviser of Romney said that the post of Obama’s campaign is exaggerated already.

“No American jobs were shipped overseas in any of the Washington Post examples that were cited by the Obama campaign,” Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.

According to them, outsourcing like call center are taken out of house while off-shoring in which works are sent overseas are 2 different things.

“There were companies that Bain invested in that did engage in outsourcing, a lot of companies do, obviously. That’s an economic model that makes sense,” Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” decrying the story as “baseless.”

Also, they complain that going into business with a company that makes jobs abroad is dissimilar with going into a business with an industry that moves US works out of the country.

“The jobs that were cited … were created to support exports overseas,” Fehrnstrom said.

“When companies like Coca-Cola, for example, build a bottling plant in China so they can sell more soft drinks to the Chinese, we should be applauding that, because that type of entrance into new markets is what makes our companies stronger.”


The Main Benefactors of Romney’s Campaign Fundraising Rewarded with Extravagant Utah Retreat


At an exclusive retreat this weekend, the major campaign contributors quaffed 1927 Port they had carried in for the event, socialized in the lobby of a posh resort called the Chateaux at Silver Lake and viewed the aerial display of Olympic ski jumpers.

This is named as a “senior leadership retreat”, the 3 day get together in Deer Valley was a compensation for the rich GOP benefactors who have powered the fundraising of his campaign. Each offered at least $25,000 to $100,000 by June 18. In fact, many of these people who attended and donate the fundraising more than this amount.

The amount of the fundraising reaches 500 million dollars of its 800 million dollars objective which is actually a one top fundraiser. Thus, this retreat is included in the thorough effort of the campaign to have the largest supporters investing in the republican candidate for the coming November election.

“They’re our major investors,” a senior Romney advisor said, declining to speak openly because of the campaign’s desire for secrecy.

Romney surrogate John Sununu, the former New Hampshire governor, said the event was meant to cater to donors who “appreciate being kept in the process after they’ve written the check.”

Sununu is one of the speakers on the opening day started last Friday which was coated by a cookout at Olympic Park. After several activities, Romney together with the donors led to the Utah Games.

South Dakota Sen. John Thune who is one of the few possible vice presidential running mate of Romney also was on the retreat and when asked about the likelihood in getting the position, he just doubted about it.

“People are nice, and I’m just a lowly senator trying to do what I can to help out,” Thune said. “It’s a great crowd, a lot of energy. This campaign is firing on all cylinders. People realize what the stakes are, and people are really stepping up and contributing.”

Several benefactors within the country met Romney for the first time whom they just know from weekly fundraiser conference calls.

“I think people are going to go home very motivated to do even more,” said Bobbie Kilberg, a Virginia businesswoman who has raised “a substantial amount” for Romney. “It’s really an amazing spirit and optimism.”

Mitt Romney More Focus on Economy than Immigration Issue


If you think that the identity of politics is back, Mitt Romney actually makes his best to crush it.

Last Friday, the campaign of Romney entitled “Juntos con Romney” Latino supporters and most of their message is all about jobs.

“President Obama has let down our Hispanic community. Instead of spurring economic growth and job creation, his policies have held back Hispanic small businesses and led to higher unemployment,” said Victor Cabral of Virginia, in the campaign’s roll-out news release.

Also, Romney for President unveiled this infographic underlining Latino’s economic struggle under the administration of Obama.

Romney’s maneuver is basic: Criticized for policies unpopular with a particular demographic group, he has pointed to unemployment rates in that group, diverting attention back to the campaign’s top issue and suggesting that, regardless of immigration policy, Obama’s presidency has harmed Latinos.

This action and technique is already used by Romney when the Republicans confronted with denunciation within policies that affect the group of women.

Romney included the women unemployment in his stump addresses saying that this female has incompatibly been affected by the depression of the economy. Romney criticized Obama for the ladies difficulty on April 10, when he stole the stage in order to recognize the exit of Rick Santorum from the main.

“Over 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. His policies have been really a war on women. He wants to divert from that,” Romney said in a Fox News interview the next day.

In the meantime, Ann Romney hit the track to strengthen the campaign’s message.

“Women are talking about the economy and jobs and about the legacy of debt that we are going to leave our children and we are mad about it. And we are going to do something about it in November,” she said two days later, as the Romney campaign deployed other female political surrogates to say that women “cannot afford” four more years of Obama.

The GOP media machine alluded that Obama’s policies had distinguished against women economically.

The poll support Romney’s technique in this election as financial system leads all other problems. According to the survey of ABC News last May, it shows that 52% listed jobs and economy while the 2nd one is only health care which has merely 7%.

Due to unemployment rate above 8% which is not improving, jobs are really the common denominator that gives a plus to Romney’s campaign.


Jeb Bush Complimented Romney for His Good Educational Grounds


Even if Mitt Romney may have come upon a rough and harsh people speaking to some Latinos Thursday, however the previous Governor of Florida Jeb Bush changes easily from Spanish to English and gave a loud ovation on the matter of education reform and school choice. He flattered the presumptive Republican candidate.

Bush started to give Romney a nod at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials or NALEO in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

“We heard an excellent speech, I thought, from Mitt Romney, who is a supporter of education reform and of school choice,” Bush said.

In an interview with CBS News just this month, Bush was very open with regards to the way of the Republican Party, telling he concerns that it is “shortsighted” when it comes to opening the party to Hispanics.

“In terms of the tone of the debate, it sends a signal,” Bush told Charlie Rose. “‘We want your support but you really can’t join our team.’ … Hispanic voters are going to be important in this election but going forward even more so. Politically, I think it’s short sighted. I think there needs to be a lot more intense efforts to recognize the demographics of the country are changing and … how we message our views need to change as well.”

Bush totally supported Romney’s candidacy, however he disputed that Republicans must work harder to get Latinos into their party. Within today’s GOP candidate address, he said he would change the president executive order according to his own plan that includes providing a passageway to those immigrants serving in the military or who have tracked and advanced degrees. However, he did not give it in detailed.

Also, Bush has critiqued Obama for not making sufficient work about immigration reform in his first term.

Today, Bush said Americans have a moral imperative to give students from all walks of life the best possible education in order to improve society, which is where he believes school choice comes in.

“The expansion of choices in states has made public education more vital, more robust,” Bush said. “It has created a more competitive atmosphere and parents being empowered are much more engaged in their students learning.  And for those who say you’re taking money away from public schools because you are offering choices, there is not a single school choice program, public or private who spends more than what the per student allocation is in any jurisdiction in this country.”