Wallpapers for Kitchen Cabinets

One of the cost-efficient ways to re-decorate kitchen cabinets is through kitchen wallpapers, or fototapety do kuchni. Aside from that, it also saves time and does away with inconvenience of having the kitchen cabinet doors removed. It is important that you choose designs that complement existing wall design or colors. Or, you may go for a new look by creating customized appearance for kitchen cabinets and decorations.

Framed Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as artwork if you are looking to re-decorate your kitchen cabinets. You may do away with using solid colors; instead, use floral designs and patterned wallpapers. To mount the wallpaper on the raised portion of the cabinet door, use glue or spray adhesive and let the outer molding serve as a wallpaper frame. Paint the frame according to the base colors of your kitchen.

Wood Grain-Like Wallpaper

Consider using kitchen wallpapers that have a wood design to turn your painted cabinets into something that looks like wooden cabinets. Use washable wallpaper that is easy to clean. To give your kitchen a lighter look, choose wallpapers that look like ash, birch, maple, and poplar. Opting for a light color will help the kitchen look bigger and brighter. To make it look cozier, choose those that have medium to darker color like cherry, mahogany, or walnut.

You may only apply the wallpaper on the door, and then use a solid color or matching wood stain on the edges to avoid cutting the wallpaper on the edges and other tricky areas on the cabinet hinges. Remove nobs and re-attach them after you’ve applied the wallpaper.

Contemporary Solid Colors

Using solid colors and textures may give kitchen cabinets a contemporary look and feel. With solid colors, you can create a “color block” that matches the main color palette in the overall kitchen design. For instance, in a black and white kitchen, use solid colored wallpaper in red or yellow to add drama or character. Narrow your choices by ensuring that they are washable.

Wallpaper Borders

Borders are used to re-design and give cabinets a whole new fresher look for less money and time. They can easily be incorporated to an existing painted or wooden cabinet. All you have to do is to sand the surface where the border will be applied and use the right adhesive for the surface. Use the same wallpaper border pattern to have a matching backsplash behind the kitchen sink or stove.

Why Political Candidates Should Be on Social Media

The 2016 US Presidential race is heating up as tech-savvy candidates are stepping up their social marketing strategies. This is primarily because when President Barack Obama won in the 2012 elections, he joined Twitter and hosted live chats on Reddit. Thus, it became a standard for politicians today to have their own Twitter as well as Facebook pages.

For the upcoming elections; however, politicians consider doing some advertising, as well as outreach programs. Aside from that, they are looking to expand their reach by registering to Snapchat and Instagram; this is primarily this apps are among the most popular social media among majority of the US voters.

Social Media Companies are in on the Candidates’ Social Media Efforts

Social media companies are also getting involved in creating political campaign awareness. The most notable example would be that of Snap Chat.

A few weeks before the Republican Debate, Snapchat launched behind-the-scenes clips of the said event. Aside from that, they also allowed political candidates to launch their ad campaigns on the app. In fact, John Kasich and Scott Walker launched 10-second Snapchat story for their Iowa campaign events.

social marketing

Furthermore, Snapchat also hired Peter Hamby, an ex-CNN political reporter, to be their news head in order to propel their efforts of becoming one of the news media in the industry, most especially that the elections are coming.

Social Media Effect to Millenials

According to Betsy Sigman, a professor from Georgetown University, social media posting may help political candidates to become popular among millenials who comprise the majority of the population of social media users. Millenials actually like to see photos and images; in fact, these types of media make someone more memorable. Thus, if the candidate’s message appeals to social users, they are most likely to share the message on their networks.

Big Changes for One Spark 2016 Could Mean a Smaller Crowdfunding Festival

The organizers of One Spark 2016 said that the crowdfunding festival will be significantly shorter and smaller than in the last three consecutive years that drew a huge crowd to downtown Jacksonville. The administrators and board members of the group have already outlined the plans of the festival; they said that they made strides to decrease the funding for the event provided by its main backer, the chairman and local developer of One Spark board, Peter Rummell.

In the last three years, Rummell contributed more than half of the funding needed to make the festival successful. In fact out of the $6.1 million needed, his share was $3.5 million according to the financial information by One Spark. The sum of money donated by Rummell came from charitable donations that amounted to $3 million and the $500,000 was secured from loans. His share totalled to more than 58% of the entire funding of the festival. Without his money, the organization would not be able to host a huge festival in the last three years. However, Rummell said that the model they used is unsustainable.

Florida restoration company

One of the leaders of One Spark said that they will scale back the festival to only three days. This has affected the organizers greatly that the staffs were also trimmed to only three from a dozen. On Monday, they added one position to have 4 staff for the festival, the fourth position is the chief operating officer who must be a certified public accountant, and he will oversee the finances.

The 2015 event lasted for six days and attended by about 320,000 people downtown. The attendees increased compared in the last two years which ran for only five days. The organizers said that the 2016 event lasted for three days only which is scheduled on April 7-9. In addition, the area of the festival also decreased to 10-12 square blocks from 20 square blocks and most of the activities centered at the corridor of Laura Street starting from the south of Hemming Plaza to Jacksonville Landing.

Organization of a festival like this one is hosted by big organizations and institutions like the Florida restoration company. They have been hosting events and parties in various places.

The finances of the festival in the last three years were released but no specific details for each year. Aside from the $3.5 million coming from Rummell, other funds came from corporate sponsorship amounting to $1.2 million, local government support of $153,000, crowdfunding campaigns of $152,000 and other donations that amounted to $41,000.

Tony Blair in Making a Campaign to Keep Britain in the EU

Tony Blair is said to make an action in the campaign of keeping Britain the European Union in the following months while the party is thrown into dismay over the Labour management battle.

The ex Prime Minister is deemed to make the case for Britain to remain in the EU and give warning that a vote to lean would signal “turmoil” for business and shrink the place Britain in the world.

The reports about Britain leaving the EU are spreading in the internet. Well, it’s not anymore surprising considering how highly-technological the world right now and the vast involvement of the web these days. In addition to that, news websites usually find the best domains to make their pages more searchable to the public.

According to Senior Labor figures, the party is experiencing its worst catastrophe since 1980s despite rising concern that a new leader seems to be impossible to have until the autumn at the earliest.

David Cameron dined out with Jean Claude – Juncker, the President of the European Commission wherein he pressed the EU reform case and a 4-year ban on migrants in getting their benefits. After the speech of the Queen on Wednesday, Mr. Cameron will go on a diplomatic offensive for two days in order to make his case with his visits to Holland, Denmark, Poland, Germany and France.

During the weekend Labour dumped its opposition to an EU referendum, which will be issued on Thursday, following the crashed of Ed Miliband to beat the refusal of the public to speak.

According to the party, it will make a campaign for Britain to keep them in the EU, however will not going to have a new leader until the autumn season.

In the general election run up, he conveyed a speech in his ex-Sedgefield constituency warning of the negative effects of an EU referendum. The British people couldn’t be relied on to create the “wise and rational” option in a referendum.

Why the recent EU rules will hinder Britain reforms its benefits?

“For me leaving Europe would make Britain diminished in the world, can cause great damage to our economy and, less noticeably yet just as significant to our future, would go in opposition to the very qualities that still mark us as a great worldwide nation,” he said. “The ambiguity of a referendum would create “chaos” for business, and when voters chose for exit can be the ‘the most powerful time of business concern’ since the Second World War.”

How much is the contribution of Britain to the EU?

A source which is almost similar to Mr. Blair told that he is ready to create further actions. According to the source, “Britain’s membership of the EU is something that he feels very intense about, I would be greatly astonished about, it would be very surprising to me if he did no action in the coming days.”

Utah’s Liquor Board: Regulations on Oktoberfest and Other Events under Finalization

SALT LAKE CITY – The liquor board of Utah says that they are in the process of finalizing the rules on events like Oktoberfest. They see to it to make the rules more flexible especially on the granting of permits. This is made after they received criticisms during the previous year after they board denied a permit for an annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Last Tuesday, the members of Utah’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission received the draft of the new rules on granting permits for special events. However, the panel had decided to hold off on voting due to the absence of the three commissioners, as there are only four present out of seven. The commissioners said the voting is expected next month during their meeting.

Accordingly, included in the proposal are general rules concerning whether an event is eligible for a permit and allow event organizers to make an appeal if permit is denied.

A staff of the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage control request for a review on the application of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art since the June event was billed as a buffet-style event. In the event, the guests might mingle while enjoying unlimited drinks of alcohol. In connection to that, the compliance director Nina McDermott, said that a state law could be violated allowing unlimited alcoholic drinks at events wherein the guests are only sitting and served with food.

Commissioner John T. Nielsen said: “It just seems like a different animal with what we typically would grant this kind of a permit for.”

McDermott said “the big concern here is making sure that it is, in fact, a seated event and not a situation where the entire event is them mingling.”

On the other hand, the commissioner stated that the said event seemed to comply with laws on the granting of permit.

The development manager of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chrissy Upton later declared “there seemed to be some confusion but guests at the gala would be able to sit and eat their meal.” She then added that she would keep mum regarding on the guests being seated or mingling, and all she is concerned of is that the museum should ensure to follow the laws.

One of the legislators critical of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission over the Oktoberfest issue, democratic state Sen. Jim Dabakis, of Salt Lake City said, “This is an example of the ridiculousness portion of our state liquor laws. It subjects us to ridicule. It hurts us in economic development and tourism, and most importantly, there’s absolutely no public safety interest in a lot of these goofy regulations.”

In 2009, the Utah had taken some of the sternest laws on liquor. State officials decided not to relax any more laws this year after Mormon Church leaders commented that the regulations is safe for the people.

Among the most celebrated annual events worldwide is the Oktoberfest. In this event, guests are able to enjoy consuming alcoholic drinks like whisky while having fun in mingling with others as well as getting entertained by live band performances.

Obama’s Campaign for Changes in Student Loans

President Obama took administrative action earlier this month that aims to help federal student guarantor loans borrowers direct the process of repayment and tighten the rules for companies that help in school debt.

Obama instructed the US Department of Education to develop a website that enables borrowers a simple way of accommodating complaints about lenders, payment collection agencies, and schools and universities.

The government will also develop a centralized method for borrowers to have access to information about their loans and pay them, regardless of whether the contractor is servicing their loans. The presidential memorandum signed by Obama earlier this month will implement consumer protections that will require the contractors to clearly inform students of the repayment options available and when their loans will be transferred from one servicer to another.

Obama told an audience at Georgia Tech in Atlanta wherein he identified the bill of rights of the students, “Higher education has never been more important, but it has never been more expensive. Every student should be able to access the resources to pay for college.”

guarantor loans
President Obama speaks to students during a visit to Georgia Tech

The steps will, therefore, aid the borrowers to understand better the lenders they borrowed money from and the options they have that will reduce their payments and preventing from any defaults, according to the administration.

The deputy director of the Domestic Policy Council, James Jvaal, said during a conference with the reporters, “The idea is to get ahead of students who are encountering challenges and make sure they have access to the information they need to help them manage their payments.”

In addition, the administration will create recommendations for changes on the regulation and legislation of student loan borrowers that will include potential changes to the treatment of such loans in the event of a bankruptcy.

Note that under the United States’ law, the obligations on a student loan can rarely be discharged with bankruptcy; therefore, it makes these loans more burdensome compared to credit card and mortgage debt.

“The administration would take a hard look at whether legislation is necessary,” says Obama.

The changes will put more pressure on private companies that are tapped by the US government to collect from borrowers that are defaulting on their loans. According to critics, the firms are insisting on stiff payments even though the borrower is a candidate for deferment programs and they are not doing enough to make things clear with students on why they are receiving bills and what are their repayment options.

Last month, the US Department of Education cut ties with 5 firms that cited misleading information to the borrowers. Among these firms is the Pioneer Credit Recovery, which is a unit of Navient Corp. in Wilmington, Delaware, which was separated last year from Sallie Mae Corporation (the largest finance company in US education).

Navient gained $65 million in revenues from the US Department of Education collections in 2014. According to a news report from Bloomberg News in 2012, thee firms collect about $1 billion annually in commissions from their student loan contracts.

According to several officials, they will utilize the data from the complaint system, which is set to operate in July 2016, in order to assess the management of contractors and colleges and universities. The administration is actually commencing a pilot program that directly sees repayment from students that default on their loans.

The federal government has more than 85% of the outstanding student loan debts.

The White House has made college student loans a primary focus of the economic agenda of the president. In fact, in Obama’s State of the Union address last January, he proposed offering free tuition to certain students in community colleges.

A Name with Different Identities: Who is Jody Kriss?

Who is Jody Kriss really? He has been a building contractor, a magnate of the real estate industry and a city developer of New York. Whoever this man is, until now, he is not known from the jobs he worked for, instead, he is known for quite a number of lawsuits. Some of the lawsuits include an attempt of resurrecting the Russian Mob to the minds of paranoid people. Many years ago, the Russian businessmen had been forcefully ousted in the market because of the Mob. Today, a lot of people would think that the times had already changed but sometimes, it is still happening.

In a simple manner, Jody Kriss is one serious litigator. He has this extensive desire to bring everything to court and this is driven by a more personal reason than paranoia. A decade ago, he was Bayrock Group’s name and face in the real estate industry, and took control of the company as CFO. He gained the position as a result of a strong recommendation made by his father, the legal advisor of the company. In just a couple of years after, Bayrock Group finally decided they do not need the amateur-level services he rendered. As a result, he demanded a compensation worth $4.5 million, way higher than the offer of the company which was only $500,000. His demand was not approved and both the father and son lost the money offered.

Jody Kriss
Jody Kriss

Obviously, the situation was not on their side, so they pulled all records and financial documents, wiped all the emails from the servers and hired someone to steal the hard drive containing the company’s information that includes classified documents about fellow employees. In addition, Jody Kriss sued the Bayrock Group to attract the attention of the press in the US, telling them that the company is run by the members of the Russian Mob. However, he was questioned by many people on how he and his father were unaware of this and he said, they did not have ample time to figure out the whole structure of the mafia.

His act of suing the Bayrock Group did not do any good to him but further damage. Later, he was sued by the New York court for using mafia tactics in order to get his share of the income of the real estate transactions. This is not the only case he is facing; he also has lawsuits against his former lawyers, partners, insurance companies, tenants, journalists, Donald Trump including his family and many others.

Jody Kriss
Bayrock Group project in New York

So, who is Jody Kriss really? Is he the man on the top of New York City’s real estate development industry, or the man who should be behind bars for stealing corporate information, manipulating the system of the courts, tampering evidences and extorting billions from the citizens? Plain and simple, every person he is in contact with is likely at risk.

On Global Investments and Politics

More often than not, we invest in businesses, such as credit repair companies, in nations based on their political and financial climate. And we usually base our analysis from what we hear from the news.

According to the author of “Fusion Economics: How Pragmatism Is Changing the World”, Laurence Brahm, “Don’t listen to CNN or Fox News. When you hear the major media networks introduce a nation’s political situation, think in counterintuitive way. Try to find out what’s really happening on the ground. It may surprise you and offer a great investment opportunity.”

credit repair companies

Brahm is an expert in international politics and investments. In fact, he cut the first deals for various multinational corporations, such as Bayer and Kodak, to enter China. And he definitely isn’t alone in his thinking.

Michael Driscoll, a visiting professor and senior executive at Adelphi University’s Robert Willumstad School of Business in Garden City, New York, said, “A challenging situation like Greece’s or Russia’s shouldn’t preclude an investor from deciding to invest. They have to be aware of the risks. But keep in mind that high risk often translates to high reward if the investment plans out.”

There are several principles and pointers that you should consider before investing in foreign countries according to their political climate.

Diversity tempers risk.

This is the perspective of the Master of Science in Finance program coordinator and professor for the Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Finance programs at New England College of Business in Boston, Mr. Ned Gandevani. He said, “To reduce exposure, investors should allocate a small portion of their funds to international markets. More important, they should diversify by investing in international mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.”

View corruption with extreme caution.

According to Edinaldo Tebaldi, an assistant economics professor at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, “Widespread corruption among government officials may not affect the returns to investment in the short term. But it reduces overall efficiency, increases transaction costs and has the potential to be the catalyst of severe political and economic crises.”

Know the character of the nation.

American investors usually make a mistake of expecting western values from other countries. “Japan is a case in point. Japan is hamstrung by certain cultural legacies. These include a largely homogenous society that doesn’t appear to welcome immigration or full participation of women in the workforce. Unless these characteristics change, the labor force won’t be able to support economic growth to the extent that would otherwise be possible,” says the director of asset allocation strategy for People’s United Wealth Management in Bridgeport Connecticut, Albert Brenner.

A rule of thumb is the rule of law.

Some countries do not even know anything about the rule of law. In fact, this holds true in terms of rights to property. According to Don Shelly, a finance professor at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business in Dallas, “Nationalization of foreign company assets has occurred more often, and most recently in Russia and Venezuela. Governments can impose fines, force divestitures, and pass legislation that favors domestic producers and punishes foreign ones.”

Senator Hatch Gave Loreta Lynch A Chance To Answer The Allegations

After months of being criticized by specific conservative interest groups, questioning her capacity and commitment for being nominated as Attorney General, On February 17, 2015, Lorreta Lynch broke her silence by publicly responding to a question raised by Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, House Judiciary Committee’s Republican member.

According to Senator Hatch’s spokesperson, since Ms. Lynch was not given the chance to respond to many allegations when the criticisms were raised a few months ago, the Senator would want to give her the chance to answer the numerous questions against her, whether she complied with the federal laws which ensure compensation has been provided to the victims of the crime.

In 2013, Paul Cassell, a law professor urged the review of Ms. Lynch’s office on how they handled a certain case that involves Felix Sater, addressed to the House of Judiciary Committee. This case pertains to the case in 1998, where Mr. Sater agreed to help the government with their national security issues and ultimately sentenced to pay $25,000 to the Court which has been justified on various grounds. Seemingly, this is in gratitude for the service he will provide to the country. Until today, the court has sealed his records for national security issues and other reasons that relate to his cooperation with the government.

Felix Sater

Ms. Lynch responded to Senator Hatch through a letter, she stated that the assistance of Sater was very critical to the national security because he provided sensitive and valuable information during the time of his cooperation to the government that began in December 1998. Now, it has been over a decade that he has been working with the prosecutors of Ms. Lynch’s office as well as other agencies such as the Attorney’s Office of the US in the Southern District in New York, law enforcement agents of the FBI and even with several law enforcement agencies. He has provided crucial information to the national security, at the same time, convicted more than 20 individuals including the people responsible for the massive financial fraud. It did not end here; Felix Sater is responsible for the conviction of La Cosa Nostra’s members. Ms. Lynch said that for these reasons, Felix Sater’s case was sealed by the court.

Indeed, the letter of Ms. Lynch confirmed many things such as her actions towards the case of Mr. Sater, the extra cooperation he rendered and most especially, his unparalleled assistance with regards to the national security.

Finally, she emphasized that each court including the US Supreme Court have rejected all impropriety claims with respect to the case of Mr. Felix Sater.

Romney and Obama Focus on Battleground States for their Final 24 Hours Campaign

Image: http://www.euronews.com

The candidates will spend the final 24 hours of this long presidential race bouncing around the country, rallying supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states.

President Obama is set to hit urban centers in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, with Bruce Springsteen tagging along as his opening act. Jay-Z is scheduled to join the campaign at a mid-afternoon gathering in the Buckeye State.

Like the president, Mitt Romney will make one last play for Ohio, arriving in Columbus four hours after Obama leaves for Iowa. It will be the Republican’s third stop in a day that sees him track north from Florida — where the wait to register an early vote this weekend lasted as long as six hours — to Virginia, ending the night with one last rally in New Hampshire.

If the Romney ticket doesn’t win enough votes to unseat President Obama on Tuesday night, it won’t be because Paul Ryan was a lazy campaigner. The vice presidential candidate will make five stops Monday, in five different states, covering four time zones. He closes out the election season back home, with a late night rally in Milwaukee, Wis.

While the candidates push their supporters to the polls and smile for the cameras in what they expect to be packed arenas, parks, and airplane hangars – at least seven of the events will be hosted at airports – there have been some rumblings from Republicans, GOP strategist Karl Rove among them, that Romney’s campaign might have been dealt an insurmountable blow by Superstorm Sandy.

“The hurricane is what broke Romney’s [post-debate] momentum,” former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said on CNN Sunday morning. “Any day that the news media is not talking about jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, deficit and debt, ‘Obamacare’ and energy, is a good day for Barack Obama.”

The Romney campaign, though, insists it is traveling steadily along a well-charted course to victory on Tuesday.

“I don’t look at what happened with the storm and how it affected so many people through a political lens,” Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday. “We are focused on what we can do to make sure that the enthusiasm that we have seen in states that it’s part of helping our get out the vote efforts in all these key battlegrounds and then just focusing on the message. So I wouldn’t entertain the same notion that those folks did.”

And in Cleveland Sunday, Romney made one last argument for dismissing President Obama from office after a single term.

“He promised to do so very much, but, frankly, he fell so very short,” Romney said. “He promised to be a post-partisan president, but he’s been most partisan; he’s been divisive, blaming, attacking, dividing. And by the way, it’s not only Republicans that he refused to listen to; he also refused to listen to independent voices.”

They’ve also been asked to deliver one last round of attacks on the Republican challenger.

According to the memo, “Gov. Romney has been using his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that failed our country and crashed our economy, and offers them up as change.”

Source: ABC